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Apple’s first iMac with the company’s ARM chip reportedly arriving in the first quarter of 2021

Apple’s redesigned iMac should have been an example during the 2020 WWDC keynote, but plans were dropped at the eleventh hour. Fortunately, the company announced the move to its own custom ARM-based chips, with each Mac product expected to contain this silicon in the near future. Unfortunately, if you were looking for the first iMac to be handled on a custom chip in 2020, one person claims you’re out of luck this year.

New ARM-based 2021 iMac can also support Face ID

A Twitter user named Kindred believes the redesigned 2021 iMac, which will also include Apple’s custom silicon, will arrive in Q1 next year, although he says he is ‘75% sure’ of these claims. Regardless, if someone is more than 50 percent sure of a product release, we might as well talk about it here, but we still recommend treating this information with a pinch of salt for now.

Apple Patent shows two iPads connected as a Microsoft Neo-Style Notebook

It is possible that the 2020 iMac is an ‘all Intel’ family, with an earlier report saying a 21.5-inch and mid-tier 27-inch version is likely to release on August 18. If users want to see the fully decked out version of the 27-inch Intel-based 2020 iMac, they’ll have to wait until September 30. The unchanged screen dimensions compared to previous models suggest that Apple will not introduce a redesign.

According to a previous report, the first ARM-based iMac may have a 24-inch screen and sports slimmer bezels, while leaked code in macOS Big Sur beta 3 provides additional information, suggesting the new products could get Face ID support. Previous information about the redesigned iMac was that the exterior would be inspired by the latest-generation iPad Pro, with a hint of flatter edges and a boxier design.

While we have to wait for the 2021 iMac to arrive next year, you may be able to get a better idea of ​​what the machine will look like by checking out this unique and beautiful iMac concept inspired by Apple’s Pro Display XDR.

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News Source: Twitter (Kindred)

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