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Apple Watch Series 7: fewer frames than ever, more shock resistance and the same old essence

We already have with us the new Apple Watch Series 7, its new generation of smart watch that has a new design and incorporates a larger screen than the previous Apple Watch. A generational change that introduces one of the biggest leaps to date in the history of Apple’s smartwatch and that, as had been rumored, is accompanied by relevant news, especially in the resistance of the device.

These are the novelties of the Apple Watch Series 7, which with its larger panel and with higher resolution provides a significant aesthetic change. A new model that also presents new functions to measure our activity and comes together with different exclusive spheres.

A major screen change

Screenshot 2021 09 14 At 19 25 57

As rumored, the new Apple Watch comes with a major change in design, and is that its bezels have been reduced to a minimum. Apple talks about a 40% reduction in bezels, now going the panel from edge to edge. Similarly, it is promised that the screen is 70% brighter, an important leap to better visualize the panel outdoors.

Although it increases the screen and its resistance, the body is much more similar. Somewhat more curved, but with the line of the previous models and the crown in place

The body remains practically identical, with rounded body and crown on the upper right. The case is again made of aluminum, with a little more curvature than in the previous generation, as is the panel.

Screenshot 2021 09 14 At 19 30 40Screenshot 2021 09 14 At 19 30 40

The user interface has been redesigned to accommodate the new screen size. Apple promises that the Series 7 fits 50% more text than the Series 7. In the same way, they boast of resistance, with a glass resistant to breakage and with IP6X protocol and WD50 resistance. +

Luckily, fears about new strap sizes are not being met: the bracelets of your old Apple Watch are compatible with the Series 7, which shares size with the rest of the models.

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Versions and price of Apple Watch Series 7

Screenshot 2021 09 14 At 19 28 59Screenshot 2021 09 14 At 19 28 59

El Apple Watch Series 7 part of 399 dollars and it will be available for purchase throughout this fall, with no specific dates from Apple.

In development … you can follow the Apple conference live here.