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Apple Watch Series 6 with blood oxygen sensor; the first model in the line-up to do this

For the first time, Apple can introduce a blood oxygen sensor with the Apple Watch Series 6. The tech giant continues to add new features to every Apple Watch iteration, and it looks like we’re getting a whole new one, according to a new report.

Apple reportedly entered into a manufacturing agreement with supplier’s ASE technology to handle production of the Apple Watch Series 6

A brand new report from DigiTimes talks about a new collaboration between Apple and ASE Technology. The supplier is preparing production lines for the Apple Watch Series 6, but there is no concrete release date. However, it is rumored that the Apple Watch Series 6 will launch later this year, alongside the iPhone 12 lineup, so fingers crossed for when that happens.

Apple does not sell its custom ARM chips to different manufacturers, the company’s CEO confirms

At the blood oxygen sensor, a previous report also came out about this feature, stating that blood oxygen levels between 95 and 100 percent are considered healthy, while anything below 80 percent can lead to decreased heart and brain functionality. The Apple Watch Series 6 can notify the wearer when blood oxygen levels reach dangerous levels.

Unfortunately, with watchOS 7 as an example on the 2020 WWDC keynote, there was no mention of a blood oxygen measurement feature, meaning the addition is expected to arrive only on the Apple Watch Series 6. Since Apple is not confirming anything at this point, we recommend treating this report with a pinch of salt now and waiting for more updates in the future.

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News Source: DigiTimes

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