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Apple opens (very little) the doors of the App Store to developers awaiting the sentence for the trial with Epic Games

Apple gives slightly in the terms of its App Store. Importantly, it does not do so as a result of its legal battle with Epic Games, but by a previous demand of a group of developers who were complaining about something less flashy but just as relevant.

Those developers claimed that Apple prevented them from talking to their users about payment methods other than the App Store, and now Apple it will allow that direct communication between developers and users of your applications and games. Thus, they will be able to direct them to payment options that are not subject to Apple’s commissions.

A small victory that can be the foretaste of a much bigger one

The news could lead to confusion over the recent lawsuit between Apple and Epic Games. In this legal battle, Apple plays its absolute control over the App Store and the software ecosystem of the iOS platform, but Apple already had another pulse with developers.

That previous pulse (Cameron et al v. Apple Inc) started in 2019 is precisely what they wanted to solve. Apple has announced an agreement, still pending review and approval by the Judicial Court, which will allow developers to communicate directly with users.

Thanks to this agreement, developers will be able to speak directly with their users and explain other ways to pay for example for in-app purchases or subscriptions Without any of them being subject to the payment gateway integrated in the App Store and, logically, to Apple’s commissions.

According to Apple’s announcement, the developers “they can use communication channels such as email to inform payment methods outside of their iOS app. As always, developers will not pay a commission to Apple for purchases made outside of their app or the App Store. “

Until now it was difficult for developers to do something like this with the previous standards of the service. It was forbidden to use the contact information obtained in the applications to contact users outside of those apps.

The change is relevant to developers, but not the one who can really change things and solve the criticism of the App Store that Apple has received from the industry.

The issue continues to be the impossibility of developers (and users) to access applications other than the App Store, and, in the case of developers, other distribution platforms and especially payment / subscription to its applications and services, which is what Epic Games is looking for with its significant demand. The trial has already been held, but the sentence is still pending to be issued and it could still take months to do so.

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