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Apple is showing an interest in acquiring the TikTok video sharing service

Apple and TikTok are two names we don’t often hear together. One we know as one of the most effective smartphone manufacturers, along with their own operating system for many other devices, while another is an app that allows people to express themselves in a number of ways. Needless to say, there is little comparable about both companies.

UPDATING: Apple says there is no interest in buying TikTok. This happened after sources said that it is one of the companies that has expressed interest in the acquisition, another source claims.

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Microsoft previously attempted to acquire TikTok, but apparently Apple is also a company interested in the acquisition.

Apple is seriously interested in acquiring Video Sharing Giant TikTok

The report is divided by Then Primack from Axios who has talked about how the Cupertino giant is showing “serious interest” in acquiring TikTok. This is what he had to say,

He mentioned it in his report that suggests:

Several sources tell me that Apple has shown interest, albeit not sources within Apple, and that at least one other strategic has shown interest. Yes, it would be an unusual deal for Apple, since TikTok is a cross-platform app and has a bigger political headache than Tim Cook might want (both here and in China). But if someone has the money on hand …

If Apple continues with the acquisition, it would be the largest acquisition the company has made. Primack has also talked about how Apple’s spokesperson talked to Axios that there are currently no discussions, but at the same time, Primack also talks about multiple sources confirming that Apple is currently showing interest in this acquisition. The original Tweet was removed, but later replaced by this one.

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Whether this report is true or not is yet another thing to see. However, if this acquisition continues, we can assume that it will drastically change how TikTok works as Apple has a habit of doing things their own way. You can read the full report here.

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