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Apple has allowed developers to accept payments directly outside the App Store

Apple’s App Store, like the United States, has been the epicenter of some controversy over the App Store policy that landed giants in hot water. England All at once. High-tech giants from Cupertino can now bypass the current system and allow developers to email customers about iOS apps or other (and cheaper) payment methods other than the App Store. This caused a lot of confusion in the App Store policy, indicating that Apple charges a hefty fee for purchases in the App Store.

This announcement by Apple came after a number of controversies and litigation regarding developer practices and treatments in the App Store. In fact, the company was subject to a class-action lawsuit from app developers Donald Cameron and Illinois Pure Sweat Basketball for anticompetitive practices and monopolizing iOS app distribution and in-app purchases. The deal is still pending court approval.

Prior to this announcement, developers were not allowed to assist customers with direct payments and instead had to accept the reduction in transactions made. Currently, developers in all app categories can encourage customers to pay directly without going through Apple.

“It makes it clear that developers can share information about payment methods outside of iOS apps through communications such as email,” Apple said, giving developers the flexibility to reach their customers. It’s even higher. “As always, developers don’t pay Apple for purchases made outside of their apps or the App Store.”

The App Store is controversial for Apple at home and abroad. topical,” highly antitrust lawsuit. The high commission was also criticized.

In addition, the company has expanded the pricing options developers can offer for all types of subscriptions, in-app purchases, and paid apps from fewer than 100 options to more than 500 options. Number of rejected apps, number of deactivated customer and developer accounts, “objective data on searches and results”, apps removed from the App Store. Developers can now choose between app pricing and in-app purchases if desired.

As if that weren’t enough, developers who earn less than $1 million a year from 2015 to 2021 on the App Store will start with a new $100 million fund created by Apple, with reduced fees and $250 to $30,000. You can now claim.

Apple has allowed developers to accept payments directly outside the App Store