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Antler Wedding Bands for Every Day Use

Have you ever wondered what the tradition is behind antler wedding bands? We have all seen the television shows where a couple is made to wear these really creepy antlers for a night out on the town. This may be something new and exciting for you, but have you considered what these kinds of bands are made from? Antler rings are made from a kind of wood that has an extended, pointed shape to it. It is most commonly white or a pale grey in color, but they can also be found colored black, copper, bronze, brass, steel, and even gold. The name antler comes from the fact that the wood used to make them was hunted down and killed in the old days, and then carefully prepared.

There are so many different styles of antler wedding rings to choose from. Some are plain, while others are adorned with diamonds, pearls, or just a simple charm. Many couples are choosing to use this type of band for their wedding ring instead of a standard gold wedding band. These rings look incredible, and you are guaranteed to find one that fits your personality. Antler wedding rings can be worn in any location, because they are so comfortable.

The main difference between a regular gold engagement and titanium antler wedding bands is the metal being used. Because gold is such a precious metal, it is usually reserved for engagement rings and not worn at a wedding reception. Because of this, we have seen less of wedding bands that are made of gold, and more that are made from other materials. Antlers are quite unique, because they are the only ones available that are used for this purpose. The rings themselves may come in several colors. Usually, the bright colored ones are done in white, grey, or black, although there are some green colored antler rings available.


In addition to having a different color than most gold rings, they also tend to have a unique look about them. When you look at an antler ring, you will notice that there are two parts to the band. One part is the band itself, and the other part is the inlay material. This inlay material is usually made of black zirconium and then has either a silver paint coating or ceramic coating over it. Usually, the rings that have a black zirconium coating have a very distinct “antler” appearance to them.

Another reason why you should consider wearing antler wedding bands is because they are incredibly comfortable. During the day, antler jewelry feels as though it is on your skin all day. Unlike a typical jewelry that you put on and take off throughout the day, antler wedding bands actually last for a long time. You don’t have to worry about washing them daily, or even every week. They are made with a durable finish, so that they will last a long time. Because of their unique design, you can wear a pair on any part of your body that you want.

While you will be able to find many different styles of antler rings, one of the most popular types is a deer inlay band. These rings are very attractive, because they look exactly like a real antler. The inlays actually run all the way around your diamond wedding ring, creating a real looking chunky piece of metal. Because antler rings are often made with a durable finish, this type of ring can really last for years. You can even pass them down to your children!

While many people enjoy wearing Damascus Wedding Bands, there is another group that is becoming increasingly popular – people who raise and sell deer antlers. If you are interested in selling antlers, antler wedding bands are a great way to get started. Some stores also have a section dedicated to these unique rings, so you may want to check out some of the options there as well. Deer antler wedding bands come in a variety of colors, so you can choose a style that goes with your engagement or wedding colors.

As you can see, antler wedding bands come in a wide variety of styles and looks. They are stylish and durable, making them a perfect choice for any day. With so many different styles to choose from, you are sure to find the antler wedding bands that are right for your special day!