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Antec releases the DF600 Flux PC case

Antec is a leading supplier of not only high-quality computer components, but also accessories designed for gamers! Antec is also known in the DIY market. Antec has released a new mid-tower PC case in its FLUX PC case series, and this new case is called the DF600 FLUX. This PC case is currently only available for pre-order from retailers like Newegg. The release date of this PC case is currently listed as August 15, 2020 for the price of $ 69.

Antec’s latest case is the DF600 FLUX PC case with the F-LUX platform, which means that this case is designed for excellent airflow

The DF600 Flux PC case provides compatibility for motherboards with sizes up to ATX, providing fantastic overall compatibility for larger PC systems. Another excellent feature is the compatibility for longer GPUs, as this case can easily support a GPU length up to 405mm and a CPU cooler height up to 175mm.

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Source: Antec

The Front IO of this case has only two USB 3.0 ports, two audio ports and the standard power and reset button. An interesting fact is that this case has the front IO mounted on the top panel rather than trying to place it on the standard front panel, as with conventional cases.

Source: Antec

An important feature of this case is the support of the F-LUX platform, Antec’s original cooling solution. The F-LUX platform is called the Flow Luxury and this platform is a new, industry leading and highly efficient design created by Antec. This new housing design focuses on changing the housing structure for excellent airflow, which is further accentuated by the 5 supplied 120mm fans.

These fans include three mounted on the front panel, one fan on the rear case, and one on the PSU enclosure, which is used to draw cool air from the bottom of the case for exhaust through the back panel or top. panel.

The front fans are equipped with ARGB lighting, which improves the design of this housing, and all these fans have a maximum speed of up to 1,400 rpm. These fans are connected with a 3-pin connector, which ensures wide compatibility.

This case is scheduled for 8/15/2020 and is expected to cost $ 69. The DF600 FLUX PC case is also currently available for pre-order on Newegg.com.

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