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Annaliese Puccini’s new boyfriend is not a ‘bachelor’ fan – and she loves it

A whole new paradise! Nation’s Bachelor Annaliese Puccini falls hard for new friend Austin Grippo after splitting from her mysterious husband earlier this year.

“We first met at a small local dive bar and the same night I met my ex for the first time since we split up,” Bachelor of Paradise alum, 35, says Us weekly exclusively from her new husband. “I really didn’t want to stay at the bar after seeing my ex, but with some encouragement from my friends, I stayed and ended up calling the adorable boy I looked at. Turns out he’s actually pretty good and now my boyfriend. ‘

Annaliese Puccini and Austin Grippo. Courtesy Annaliese Puccini / Instagram

The pair met in Lake Tahoe, California, shortly before the state imposed the coronavirus pandemic relief rules and decided to sit together early. “In fact, from the start of quarantine until now, we’ve spent every moment of the day together,” said Puccini.

The event designer, who previously appeared on Arie Luyendyk Jr.season of The Bachelor connected with Grippo in 2018 about their shared love of staying active, traveling and ‘being adventurous’. While they have a lot in common, Puccini’s new flame has never seen her reality TV stints – and she would love to keep it that way.

Fortunately, he didn’t look The Bachelor and wasn’t particularly interested in the fact that I was on reality TV, “quits the California resident, adding that she was” very happy “to keep that part of her life out of her new relationship for the time being. “Maybe I’ll show him one day when he’s curious, but for now I’m just thankful that he met the real me.”

Annaliese Puccini New boyfriend is not a bachelor fan. She loves it
Austin Grippo and Annaliese Puccini. Courtesy Annaliese Puccini / Instagram

As the couple continue to explore their connection, they have filled their quarantined days with ‘lots of walking, dancing and cooking epic meals’ in her family’s cabin. Puccini has also been hard at work on her latest project, 3 small birds, designing unique masks and headbands where part of the profit goes to the relief work of COVID-19. Through all this, Grippo has been “supportive” and “very helpful” in her new venture.

“I quickly realized he wasn’t a rebound man,” she says U.S. “We have so much fun together. Even though we are very different people, we really respect, trust and really challenge each other. It’s not always easy to spend every second of every day together, but we’ve learned a lot from each other and have grown to adapt to the present time, where good communication is absolutely essential. ”

With reporting by Kayley Stumpe

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