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Anker PowerPort Cube Power Strip is only $ 16.99 today

The Anker PowerPort Cube currently costs just $ 16.99 and is our favorite power strip for a number of reasons.

Pack the Anker PowerPort Cube Power Strip for an incredibly low price of just $ 16.99 today

Buying a power strip is no longer boring. Long time ago, you walked into a store and bought the store with the most or the fewest outlets that met your requirements. Now we have power strips that do so much more. They now include built-in USB ports and only recently USB-C ports. Needless to say, it gets exciting on the power strip and makes Anker one of our favorites for many reasons. It is also discount!

Priced for an epic $ 20, the PowerPort Cube now floats at a price of just $ 16.99. But the big question is: what do you get for that price? A lot, actually. Just like a regular power strip, it has 3 AC ports for powering and charging your normal wares. But things are starting to get interesting when you consider that this power strip has 3 USB-A ports for charging phones, tablets, cameras and more. What this means is this: you don’t have to worry about carrying 3 extra wall chargers to charge the devices in your pockets.

This power strip is super handy to carry around, especially if you find yourself on the go or traveling around. I even go so far as to classify this accessory as a must-have.

Buy Anker PowerPort Cube USB power strip with 3 outputs and 3 USB ports – Was $ 20, now only $ 16.99

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