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Angelina Jolie accuses the judge

The actress has demanded testimonies of the six boys be heard in court, and her proposal has been rejected, so she wants to remove the magistrate from the case


Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s divorce is still endless. The process began almost five years ago, and since then, although there have been progressing (in fact, they were declared “single” by a judge in 2019), the question of their finances and custody of their children is stagnant. The latest information dates back to March when it became known that each had already spent $1 million in the process that will decide what will happen to custody of the six children they have in common.

Now, new court documents obtained by the Associated Press news agency show that Maleficent’s actress would not be happy with the court treatment being given to her. Jolie complains that the judge who decides the issue of custody of children has declined to have the six boys (aged between 12 and 19) testify. Something that is very relevant to her “for the safety of children and their well-being,” according to AP, which explains that the documents do not explain why that listening would be relevant.

Jolie, 45, has come to try to remove Judge John Ouderkirk from the case, even though she and Pitt chose him together to take him (he is a private judge). The actress has argued that the magistrate has a business relationship with one of Pitt’s lawyers. Moreover, according to his lawyers, “Judge Ouderkirk has denied Jolie a fair trial, improperly excluding relevant evidence about her children’s health, safety and well-being, critical to this case,” it is read in the court document, in which it is criticized that the judge “has failed to properly consider” the California code that is said to be detrimental to the interest of children if custody is granted to someone who has a history of sexist violence.

Jolie’s accusations of Brad Pitt, 56, intensified at the end of March when the actress claimed pitted pitted “abuses,” but the actor was never arrested or charged with any crime against her or her children during the marriage. There was an incident aboard a plane between Pitt and his son Maddox, then 15, in September 2016. The FBI went on to investigate Pitt for that incident and went on to consider subjecting him to a federal investigation, which he eventually closed without charge.


Ouderkirk’s decision not to listen to minors, “as well as their experiences, needs or desires on the issue of custody,” has also been commented on by Pitt’s lawyers. They have also wanted to give their version on the issue by ensuring that the judge’s conduct over the past six months has been “rigorous and fair” and that all of this has resulted in him reaching “an interim resolution and order after listening to experts and witnesses.” For Pitt’s team, Jolie’s request to hear the children was accusing a “lack of credibility in important areas.”

In addition, Pitt demands that “custody between the parties should be modified, at Mr Pitt’s request, for the interests of children” and believes that the fact that the agreement is delayed “can cause serious harm to the boys, who would be denied stability.” However, Jolie has stated that if the judge decides to finally make the provisional custody agreement she now has, the actress will appeal.