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Android applications arrive on Windows 11: Microsoft begins to offer them in a limited way through the Amazon App Store

It was the big surprise of Windows 11 and finally it seems that the promise will be fulfilled, although in a very limited way. A couple of weeks after the official landing of Windows 11, Microsoft today announced the arrival of Android applications to Windows 11.

US users with access to the Windows Insider program will be able to start downloading Android applications on their Windows 11 devices, both those with Qualcomm processors and more traditional computers with Intel or AMD chips.

These Android apps will download via the Amazon App StoreAndroid application store that after its alliance with Microsoft will also be on Windows 11 to allow download and use.

At the moment, only 50 Android applications and for few users


The Kindle for Android app on a Surface Pro X.

Microsoft explains that Windows 11 users will be able to download everything from basic games to sophisticated productivity suites, through tools and social networks. However, initially the Amazon App Store will only have 50 apps, which Insiders will help test and validate to verify that they work well regardless of the hardware. Over the next several months, Microsoft explains that new applications will be arriving.

Some of the examples of Android applications that we can find are games like ‘Lords Mobile’, ‘June’s Journey’ or ‘Coin Master’, reading applications such as’ Comics’ or one’s own ‘Kindle‘from Amazon and children’s content like ‘Khan Academy Kids’ or ‘Lego Duplo World’.

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Apps Windows 11Apps Windows 11

Matchington Mansion (Windows Subsystem for Android), Word (Win32), Pinterest (PWA) and Gimp (Windows Subsystem for Linux). Four apps from different systems running at the same time.

To make these applications work, Microsoft introduces ‘Windows Subsystem for Android‘, which includes the Linux kernel and Android Open Source Project (AOSP) in version 11. This code will be distributed through the Amazon AppStore and it is through which support for the different APIs of Android apps will be offered.

As with Linux applications, these Android apps will be run in a virtual machine and can be used at the same time as other types of applications are running, each one in its corresponding window. At the moment Google services are not available, but it is a first step so that different developers can expand the availability of their Android apps. Now not only on mobiles, but also on Windows 11 devices.

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