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Andrew Gillum talks about rehabilitation and therapy

Gillum’s Instagram post has focused on his own personal growth since the incident rocked Florida democratic politics. Gillum regretted what he did and acknowledged that it was normal to feel ‘guilty for the harm you have done to someone. That’s how you know you’re human. That way you know that you are not a sociopath ‘.

But Gillum said the public embarrassment of the incident had severely hurt him, calling it something “completely different” that “you’re cutting.”

“My stuff had to be public and cause a lot of embarrassment and rumors, some false, some true, the shame I felt from all that … tore me apart,” said Gillum. “I really needed help to unpack that.”

Gillum said his wife, R. Jai Gillum, had been a strong ally when he went through the pressures of public life and dealt with the consequences of the Miami Beach incident. His wife “knows what I am and knows what I am not,” said Andrew Gillum. “She chooses to love me anyway.”

Gillum also used the post to acknowledge some of the woes that affected the country, from the coronavirus pandemic to the national reckoning of races following the assassination of George Floyd in Minnesota. He said feeling the challenges of being a black man in America also took a toll on his mental health, prompting him to “look for other ways to ease that pressure.”

Gillum lost Ron DeSantis’ governor race in 2018 by half a percentage point. Before the race, Gillum was Mayor of Tallahassee. He planned to register millions of voters in the run-up to the 2020 elections and made regular contributions to CNN. POLITICO reported that friends said Gillum began to withdraw from their lives after the Miami Beach incident.