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An expedition to the Arctic discovers (by accident) a new island: the northernmost to date

It is not every day that a new island is discovered. Danish researchers were on an expedition in the Arctic this past July when this happened. Without realizing it, they discovered a new island and thereby enlarged (a little) the Kingdom of Denmark. The discovered island Not only is it the newest, but it is also the northernmost piece of land ever discovered. till the date.

Researchers at the University of Copenhagen they discovered the island by accident. The area where it is located was visited to take climate measurements in July. Suddenly they found a piece of land, this island they believed to be Oodaaaq, the northernmost island that was known until now. The GPS data indicated that as well, although GPSs don’t work quite well at such latitudes.

When the expedition leader posted some photos on social media, fans and enthusiasts realized that there was a mistake. The GPS coordinates didn’t actually quite match Oodaaq Island, actually it was a whole new island. new data taken later from a helicopter confirmed the new island, located about 780 meters from Oodaaq Island.

Researchers decided to take the opportunity to approach the island and take samples. Although it was not the main mission for which they were there, the samples could be used to analyze them in search of bacteria or other organisms that lived there.


Islands that appear and disappear

The island it is barely 30 x 60 meters and a height of four meters above sea level. There is no animal or plant living there and its composition is mud mixed with gravel and moraine from the seabed. Why had no one seen this island until now? Its composition and size give clues to it: it was not there until now.

As they explain, this island may have been formed recently due to some storm considerably strong. This can cause the ice in the area to shift and thus drag the seafloor up enough to rise above sea level. Most likely, soon with another big storm the island will disappear again.

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New islands appear and disappear more often than it seems. A curious one is the Zalzala Koh island of Pakistan. However, it is more common for this to occur from volcanic activity, and there are numerous examples. At the moment Denmark can boast of a new island, a country that insists on having new islands in fact.

Via | University of Copenhagen