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An emboldened Biden now faces a difficult choice about his own future

“Boy, he literally had the Democratic Party across the country at every level, state, local, congressional, it had the best midterms of any Democratic president since JFK,” said Sen. Chris Coons, a Democratic ally from Delaware, the president’s home state. . “It would be hard not to look at it and say, ‘OK, there’s up to a role, there’s up to a path, there’s still important things to do’.”

However, the election was as much a testament to Republican weakness as an indication of Mr. Biden’s strength. According to one aggregate of studies tracked by the political website FiveThirtyEight, Mr. Biden’s average approval rating of 41.5 percent remains lower at this point in his tenure than for all 13 presidents at similar times dating back to Harry S. Truman (albeit only slightly lower than Mr. .Trump’s was on this phase).

A House Democrat who won re-election last week said the party’s success should not be seen as an endorsement of the president. Sir. Biden’s numbers were “a huge move” for Democratic candidates, who won despite the president not thanking him, the lawmaker said on condition of anonymity to avoid antagonizing the White House., a left-leaning advocacy group that backed Sen. Bernie Sanders, the socialist independent from Vermont, in the 2016 and 2020 primaries barely waited until polls closed Tuesday before launching a “Don’t Run Joe” campaign to push the president to step aside.

Norman Solomon, the group’s national director, noted that Democrats won by higher numbers than Mr. Biden’s approval ratings, meaning they outperformed their leader.

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“It may seem counterintuitive in the absence of a ‘red wave,’ but Biden is actually an albatross around the neck of his party,” Mr. Solomon. “Voters averted midterm disaster in spite of Biden, not because of him. In fact, he promises to be a drag on the party and its prospects heading into 2024.”