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An electric tricycle: BMW’s electric mobility proposal adds more possibilities to scooters and bicycles

BMW has not rested after bringing its electric motorcycle concept to life. The German company has recently presented two more concepts that focus on urban mobility: a Clever Commute folding scooter and a trike called Dynamic Cargo.

Yes, I said tricycle. At first glance, the Dynamic Cargo looks like a grown-up children’s tricycle, but the reality is that it has a rear cargo space supported between the two rear wheels. BMW believes that it can delight those who cycle around the city and at the same time need to carry a lot of cargo with them.

Same mobility but with fewer limitations

The concept describes how an electric motor powers the two rear wheels on which the cargo area weighs, and there is also the possibility of adding modules to be able to move children or protect themselves from the rain. Its battery, as it already happens in some electric motorcycles, can be removed and charged at home with conventional plugs to avoid having to do complicated installations.

BMW Dynamic Cargo Tricycle

The rear load of the Dynamic Cargo trike is capable of carrying more bundles and weight than what we would carry with a bicycle.

Bmw Clever Commute
Bmw Clever Commute

The BMW Clever Commute scooter, folded up and inside a boot. The company suggests that it can even fit in the trunk of a Mini.

On the other hand, the Clever Commute scooter has the peculiarity of being able to fold to fit better in the trunk of a car and leave space for more luggage. Its battery will also be removable and the intention is that of any other electric scooter: to provide a simple and clean way to get around cities.

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At the moment both vehicles are concepts, but according to the source there are already some companies negotiating with BMW to be able to license and manufacture them. Seeing that his concept of electric motorcycle has come to fruition, it would be strange if this did not become a reality. It will be then when we can start talking about specifications, power and autonomy.