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An electric motorcycle that fits on your desk: this is this Japanese vehicle that turns into a suitcase

Getting to work or home and putting the bike under the desk doesn’t sound bad. This is the proposal of the Japanese manufacturer ICOMA, which has presented its ‘Tatamel Bike’ project. It is a small electric motorcycle for the urban environment, able to fold into suitcase shape to keep it anywhere.

Once folded, it does not exceed 70 centimeters in height or 26 in width, a curious concept that allows us to have the bike unfolded in less than a minute. The motorcycle is capable of reaching 40 kilometers per hour. It thus joins the curious two-wheel electric mobility projects, such as the Invicta Electric Opai, the BMW CE 04 or the UBCO 2×2 WRK.

From the road to the desk

tatalmel bike

The Tatamel Bike of the Japanese ICOMA is a prototype, according to the company, “fully functional”. When unfolded it has dimensions of 1,230 mm long by 1,000 mm high, It has a 600 watt motor, powered by a 12,000mAh battery.

It thus promises a maximum range of 50 kilometers, although this is only an estimate by the manufacturer for the final production model. Once we fold the little bike, it only measures 700 x 680 x 260 mm, in suitcase format. Thus, we can drag and store it under a high desk table, in any corner of work or home, etc.

tatalmel biketatalmel bike

It has an LED headlight on the front, flashing lights, rear and license plate space, since it pretends to be an approved vehicle, at least in Japan. Its side panels are customizable and the customers who buy the product can choose the design and material of the same thatBy default, they will have a wood finish.

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No price is yet known for this little bike, which has yet to leave its prototype phase, despite the manufacturer indicating that it is already functional. A more than interesting project for mobility in cities, which aims to solve the problem of storing the vehicle in the office if we bet on this type of electric vehicle.

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