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Amazon prepares its own Smart TV up to 75 inches and with Alexa: it will soon be sold in the United States

You were taking time, Amazon. It seemed inevitable that the e-commerce giant would not end up your own family of Smart TVs, and that is what will happen very soon in the United States.

Amazon already launched an AmazonBasics TV in late 2020 in India, and now intends to do the same but in the United States. The development has been underway for two years, and will benefit from agreements with manufacturers such as TCL. The data points to affordable and not particularly ambitious Smart TVs.

Smart TVs decent in features, but far from the high-end

In the past, Amazon had not only started selling its Smart TV in India – in this case, manufactured by Radiant Appliances and Electronics Pvt Ltd – but had also reached agreements with other manufacturers such as Toshiba to integrate Fire TVs into your televisions.

Now the effort is renewed with Smart TVs that apparently they have been in development for two years which has involved teams from Amazon Devices and Lab126, its R&D center.

These models are expected to have screen diagonals between 55 and 75 inches, and in addition to collaborating on production with manufacturers such as TLC on Amazon as well. seem to be preparing a separate internally designed model, according to sources close to that development.

Amazon’s strategy in India has so far been modest: TVs in the AmazonBasics range are affordable (€ 500 for the 55-inch model) and its features are decent but not spectacular: They do not have, for example, panels that can compete with higher-end OLED technologies, and they do not have features such as HDMI 2.1 ports.

These models are expected arrive in the United States in October, and it will be then when we will know if the bet in that country is different from the one that the company has raised in India. What seems clear is that the arrival of these Smart TVs represents a threat to traditional manufacturers that already competed in that range and that also sold on Amazon.

Via | Business Insider