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Amazon prepares its alternative to Clubhouse to reinforce its commitment to live audio and podcasts

This is for fashions. Of the stories who conquered everything on Instagram – poor Fleets, by the way – we have moved on to a stage where if the platform on duty does not have a rival for Clubhouse, it is nobody.

Twitter has Spaces, Spotify has Greenroom, and Facebook is preparing its alternative. But the thing does not end there, because According to Axios, the last to propose a service for live concerts and musical events is Amazon (without ruling out the Clubhouse-type talks), which seems to want to go all out in its commitment to the world of audio content, including podcasts.

More for musical events than for live talks, the indications point

Of course, the strategy seems to make a lot of sense in the case of Amazon, which has long boosts its Amazon Music division —Which recently improved with its HD and Ultra HD quality support— but has been betting on podcasts for months.

This offer of audio content is even more logical if we take into account that this giant has also renewed its range of smart speakers. Alexa increasingly offers more features in speakers that also sound better and better.

It all adds up, and if there was a striking option that at the moment was not available on Amazon, it was live chats with short-lived voice messages. It is the fever that Clubhouse started and that now other large platforms have wanted to copy with their own alternatives.

According to Axios on Amazon they could be working on a “live audio platform” which would not only focus on talks between personalities that anyone could attend, but also events and even live concerts that could be enjoyed through said service.

Other sources claim that Amazon does not want to focus so much on the social network part of Clubhouse and yes in that aspect directed to concerts and musical events, but what seems clear is that the live audio segment seems a natural expansion target for Amazon’s audio content platform.

Via | Axios