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Amazon Echo Show 15: a big leap in screen size accompanied by its own processor and new functions with Alexa

“Smart” speakers grow in size. During its fall 2021 hardware event, Amazon has unveiled the new Echo Show 15, its connected speaker with 15.6-inch FullHD screen and a design that can be fixed to the wall and used either vertically or horizontally.

If a year ago the company presented us with the Echo Show 10, this year we have a great height to have a speaker with a larger panel than many tablets offer. A resize that serves as a gateway to what Amazon has called Visual ID, a new Alexa feature optional that we can use with the Echo Show 15.

1080p display and new AZ2 processor

Amazon Echo Show 15 8Amazon Echo Show 15 8

Amazon presents the Echo Show 15 with the idea in mind of offering a device for the whole family, with which to easily watch streaming content from Prime Video, Netflix or Atresplayer, have a home screen with different widgets or make video calls.

The Echo Show 15 features a 15.6 inches with 1080p resolution. A step forward to be able to offer the visualization of streaming video content with a more acceptable level than that offered to date. We can ask Alexa to play movies and series, as well as news from local media such as Cadena Ser, RTVE or Audible books.

Amazon Echo Show 15 5Amazon Echo Show 15 5

It has a 5 megapixel camera to make video calls. Through the Amazon assistant we can interact with the voice but also with the touch and see subtitles for the Alexa responses on the screen. At the privacy level, the Echo Show 15 has a physical cover for camera and controls to lock the microphones.

Amazon Echo Show 15 6Amazon Echo Show 15 6

Inside, a new ‘Amazon AZ2 Neural Edge’ processor is incorporated, with machine learning and a quad-core architecture. It is Amazon’s own chipset to process computer vision algorithms and process the new ‘Visual ID’ capabilities from the device.

What is this new feature? Visual ID will allow Alexa to recognize the information displayed on the screen and us, if we walk in front of the device. A kind of recognition where, after registering, we will be shown a personalized greeting, reminders, calendar events, recent music and notes. A kind of personal profile that will be activated automatically when we are near the device.

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Amazon Echo Show 15 10Amazon Echo Show 15 10

Among the options that we will find in the widgets we have from a calendar to reminders or shopping lists with recommendations. There is also the Digital Home option, where you can control compatible devices from the screen and view them directly. An example would be to be watching a series in the kitchen and to be able to visualize the door of the house in a tab, in case we have a Ring camera.

Availability and price of the Amazon Echo Show 15

The new Echo Show 15 will be available in Spain at an official price of 249,99 euros. At the moment there is no confirmed date of availability. We will update this information when the official release date is announced.