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Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google CEOs are grilled by House’s antitrust panel: live blog

Four of Big Tech’s CEOs will appear on Wednesday in front of the anti-trust subpanel of the Democrat-led House Judiciary Committee, with lawmakers grilling executives over the tremendous power of their companies.

A hearing begins around noon Eastern Time and includes remote testimonials from Jeff Bezos of Amazon.com Inc., Tim Cook of Apple Inc., Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook Inc. and Sundar Pichai, the general manager of Google and the parent company, Alphabet Inc.

Statements made indicate that executives will argue that there is competition and that their companies are strengthening the US

Follow the live updates of MarketWatch below.

Shares in Amazon AMZN,
+ 0.62%,
Apple AAPL,
+ 1.33%,
Facebook FB,
+ 0.71%
+ 0.92%
+ 0.89%
recently traded higher during Wednesday’s session as broad US equity meters SPX,
+ 0.84%
+ 0.32%
+ 1.09%
also progressed.

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