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Amazon and Apple won’t charge their users for music with high-quality audio

Amazon and Apple, owners of popular streaming music services, announced this Monday their decision not to charge their subscribers an extra to access the highest quality versions of audio, known as the “lossless” standard.


In the case of Amazon, its Amazon Music service has long included Music HD – with “lossless” songs – at an additional cost. Still, from today, it will be available to all its subscribers and those who have contracted the basic service.

In parallel, Apple also announced that starting in June will release the option to listen to Apple Music songs in “lossless” quality at no additional cost.

“Lossless,” which maintains the original quality of the song without compressing it, is gradually becoming the new standard of the highest quality in the music industry, so Spotify also plans to bring to market later this year a version of these features according to the specialized press.

Both Apple and Amazon have entrusted the music market with “streaming” much of their future strategy, despite being a sector where there is fierce competition and already highly established players like Spotify.

In late April, Apple announced $52.385 million in the first half of its 2021 fiscal year, a 56% growth, driven by increased sales of all its products and services, especially the iPhone.

Amazon, meanies, made a profit between January and March 2021, amounting to $8.107 million, more than three times the 2,535 million earned in the same period of 2020, thanks to the enormous momentum gained COVID-19 pandemic.