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Amazon accidentally filters the new Kindle Paperwhites: they grow to 6.8 inches and improve their backlighting

The people in charge of Amazon Canada seem to have escaped the details of the new Kindle Paperwhite and its Signature Edition version. In both cases the big change is on the screen.

In fact the diagonal grows from the current 6 inches to 6.8 of the new Kindle Paperwhites, but there are also improvements in the backlight, which now has 17 LEDs instead of the five that were used in the current version.

More and better screen

Not too many changes more apparently: the Paperwhite has 8 GB of storage while the Signature Edition has 32 GB (those two options are also current) and screen resolution is 300 dpi.

That improvement in backlighting is expected allow the color temperature to be adjusted as is already done in the Kindle Oasis. Both e-book readers maintain the IPX8 certification that allows them to resist splashes to use them for example in the pool or the beach.

There are apparently no notable changes in the design either, which will continue without having physical buttons as it happens in the Oasis. Both models are expected to feature the new Kindle software interface that was officially announced a few days ago and represents the first major change to that software since 2015.

The unknown, yes, is in the charging connector: it is not clear if the Micro USB port will remain the chosen one by Amazon for these new iterations, which would certainly be strange considering the increasing popularity of the USB-C port.

At the moment expected release dates unknown, but it has happened other years that Amazon organizes an announcement on hardware at the end of September.

The prices according to this filtration will be Can $ 149.99 (about € 100) for the standard model and C $ 209.99 (about 140 euros) for the Signature Edition. In any case, it seems that this launch is imminent.

Imagen | Jingda Chen

Via | The Verge

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