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Alison Brie says ‘Glow’ probably won’t be filming again for a while

If you’re concerned about Netflix’s next season Glow, it will probably take a while before you see it.

Alison Brie opened up about the status of the series with People magazine, which says it will probably take a while for the cast to get back together and start filming again, even though production of certain projects has restarted.

“We are really a physical show,” she said. “When we stopped, I was in a wrestling ring and I was in another person’s sweat as we prepared to shoot a match. We often taste each other in a sweat. ‘

Alison adds that while they have managed to film two episodes for the upcoming final season, they will likely still be one of the last shows to restart.

“I don’t think we want to creatively compromise as this is our last season,” she added. “So I don’t think we’ll be one of the first shows to go back.”

Earlier this week, while promoting her new movie with her husband Dave Franco, Alison about how they first met.