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Ali F. is said to have pulled a Clare Crawley if ‘Bachelorette’ producers let her

Ali Fedotowsky was maybe the Bachelorette 10 years ago, but she understands where Clare Crawley comes with her decision to film the upcoming season just two weeks after falling in love.

“I don’t even think the producers make you love people. You have to keep a certain number of people, you know what I mean? The 35-year-old reality TV personality continued Our Weekly’s Podcast ‘Here for the right reasons’ before the news broke that Crawley had an early turn. “If it were up to me when I was single, there wouldn’t have been a season… [or] there would be a season and it would have been Frank [Neuschaefer] and Roberto [Martinez] all the time. I knew the first night, it was Frank and Roberto to me, I knew one or the other. ‘

Shutterstock; ABC / Paula Lobo

Monday, August 3, confirmed to us that the 39-year-old hairdresser refused to finish the 16 movie season The bachelorette because she was already in love with one of her suitors. Fedotowsky, for her part, told U.S that most leads don’t manage to film their finalists for long … but feel they have to continue the show.

“Instead of saying,” Do I really see anything with this person? “Because of course that’s not true – if someone believes that a bachelor or bachelorette sees 25 people the first night … that’s just so unrealistic,” she explained. So instead of thinking, “Do they see anything in this person?” “… It’s like,” What do I want to know about this person? Or what do I want to know about this person I haven’t explored yet? “Not even romantic, maybe because I find them interesting or because I know I know they’re up to something. I will find out. So there is always a reason and that reason is not necessarily ‘I see a future with you’. ‘

Season 16 of the Bachelorette has unprecedented circumstances from the start. After ABC put Crawley in charge in March, production was suspended until July due to the coronavirus pandemic. After less than two weeks of filming, the Bachelor Winter Games alum chose to stop her journey to chase only one of her participants she spoke to before the shooting started.

According to a source, the mysterious man “ contacted her before the show and they did really well. They would send a bunch of DM and then start FaceTiming and things went fast. ”

That is why producers engaged Bachelor alum Tayshia Adams to continue where Crawley left off.

Fedotowsky noted U.S before news broke that Crawley had probably done some research on her contestants, as several names were announced months before filming began.

“Probably Clare [knew] night one she chooses based on who she’s been talking to for the past few months, like, sure, ”she noted. ‘That is impossible [look the contestants up]. The show undoubtedly asked her politely. And she said, “Certainly.” [But] I mean, she had to have it. ‘

After airing Crawley’s short trip, fans will see how Adam tries to find love when The bachelorette returns to ABC Tuesday this fall.