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Ali F. admits she could still be with Frank if he didn’t quit ‘The Bachelorette’

Ali Fedotowsky is happily married to husband Kevin Manno, but the former Bachelorette is not afraid to admit that her life can be very different as a leader Frank Neuschaefer did not stop her season.

“I’m so grateful [Frank left]. Would we still be together today? I do not know. Because I honestly think he might be more my type, ‘said the 35-year-old reality TV personality Us weeklys Podcast ‘Here for the right reasons’. “And I’m so glad we aren’t [together] because I love my husband, I have the best man in the world, so thank you Frank for dumping. ‘

Ali Fedotowsky and Frank Neuschaefer. ABC / Bob D’Amico; Courtesy Frank Neuschaefer / Instagram

Fedotowsky married Manno in 2017, aged 37, six years after she was divorced from season 6 Bachelorette winner, Roberto Martinez. The Home and Family host accepted a proposal from Martinez during the 2010 finale after Neuschaefer left the show in the last days.

“My guess, because I can’t go back in time, of course, I would have picked Frank. If he had stayed, I certainly would have, “Fedotowsky admitted U.S. “I really think I would have done that. Frank reminds me of my husband. When I went on The bachelorette and the producers asked me what kind of man I was looking for, I described my husband to a T. Frank is so much of what I described, I mean, they are so similar I would say [I described] Frank also to a T. “

After Neuschaefer ran away because he had feelings for someone at home, Fedotowsky’s last two suitors were Martinez and Chris Lambton. She sent the latter home for the final rose ceremony, and Martinez sat on one knee.

“I really think I would have gone with that feeling and picked it [Frank]but I don’t know. I can’t say that with certainty, ”she explained. Or, you know, maybe because things with Roberto and I on that last date were so magical, maybe I changed my mind. I am sure I would have had a hard time. I know very well, I would have taken two people to the rose ceremony. Like, I wouldn’t have taken one just because I’d been in conflict about it. ‘

Ali Fedotowsky admits she can still be with Frank Neuschaefer if he didn't quit the bachelorette Admits she could still be with Frank Neuschaefer if he didn't quit the bachelorette
Ali Fedotowsky and Frank Neuschaefer on ‘The Bachelorette’. ABC / Rick Rowell

After Fedotowsky and Martinez split in November 2011, she briefly reconnected with Neuschaefer, a secret she only recently admitted. While Fedotowsky is now married to Manno, with whom she shares daughter Molly (4) and son Riley (2), Martinez’s status is unclear. State Farm’s insurance agent has revealed his engagement Kristiana Elliott in January, but later Twitter announcement were removed.

Neuschaefer is now married Jenn Carr in April 2019.

Carr joked that ABC revisited Fedotowsky season 6 The bachelorette on Sunday, August 2 via Instagram, as part of The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons Ever.

“There is nothing better than seeing your husband beaten by another woman! Thanks @alifedotowsky! Thanks and thanks to @ chrislambton13 for your encouragement! “She joked. “I can’t wait to see more of @ fneuschaefer’s season tomorrow night at @bacheloretteabc! 🌹 ”