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Alfonso Ribeiro almost burned down his camper during this ‘kitchen disaster’

We’ve all been there … sort of! Alfonso Ribeiro noticed that he had a scary moment in his family’s camper after a cooking mistake.

“The only kitchen disaster I had was two nights ago when I was here in the motor home and the toaster was in a different place than it should have been,” Fresh Prince Of Bel Air alum, 48, told exclusively Us weekly in a recent episode of Confession in quarantine. “So I literally burned toast and the smoke detector in the RV went off at midnight when we were watching a movie and the kids were sleeping. That was not fun. And I was like, “Besides, smoke detector works.” “

Ribeiro noted that teaching himself about his RV became his activity during the coronavirus pandemic. “Really, the hobby I learned was working with a motor home, so I take it down,” he explained. “I know all things.”

Alfonso Ribeiro John Salangsang / Shutterstock

The actor – who shares son AJ, 6, son Anders, 5, and daughter Ava, 14 months, with wife Angela Unkrich as well as daughter Sienna, 17, with ex-wife Robin Stapler – admitted that the rush to store toilet paper during the health crisis “didn’t make sense to me”. Instead, the couple prioritized tracking down their kids’ favorite food.

“Our kids are gluten-free, corn-free,” he said. “So we have to be very careful about similar breads. So, one of the things, there is only one gluten-free bread they eat. We went to different shops and stocked the bread because they like a lot of bread. ‘

Ribeiro and Jerry O’Connell team up with Bob Evans Farms for their new Love at First Bite campaign, create fun recipes using the brand’s dinner sides. For example, the New York resident pointed out that the company “took care of me” during quarantine, adding, “I got a lot of mashed potatoes.”

All in all, the TV presenter said U.S the main theme of isolation with his family is ‘togetherness’.

Ribeiro concluded that the trip was “fantastic” for them. “This is one of those crazy things where you decided to do something just like last minute and it’s the best decision you could have made,” he said. ‘[I] never thought, “Hey, let’s buy a motor home,” and we did. We will be in our 22nd state within 22 months. … We are going to reach a few more states. So we roll through it a little bit. ‘

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