Airbnb, NYC agree to end their battle for host data sharing

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NEW YORK (AP) – Airbnb and New York City will settle a law that sought to limit rent increases by requiring short-term rental platforms to share information about their offers, the two sides announced Friday.

Under the agreement, San Francisco-based Airbnb will dismiss its federal lawsuit against the city and the New York City Council will amend a 2018 law that requires home-sharing platforms to provide detailed data on all of their listings.

Under the amended law, home sharing companies are still required to provide information, including host addresses and names, but the law only applies to listings that offer an entire home or where three or more guests can stay at once.

Data should be provided on a quarterly and not monthly basis, as originally required by local law.

The law aims to target people who use Airbnb to run makeshift hotels. Critics say the hotels are de facto raising rents for New Yorkers by reducing the number of homes available.

“Illegal hotel operators who ignore the law at the expense of working New Yorkers have no place in our neighborhoods,” Mayor Bill de Blasio said in a statement. “Finally, we have protected the vital information we need to preserve and maintain affordable housing for our communities.”

Airbnb spokesman Christopher Lehane said, “We have long wanted to work with New York City on an effective regulatory framework, including information sharing – this agreement achieves that.”

Airbnb had sued the city for the broader data sharing law it passed in 2018 that would have required information about all landlords, citing privacy concerns. A judge issued a preliminary injunction with Airbnb in 2019.

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