Air Force sergeant indicted in the murder of the federal guard

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OAKLAND, California (AP) – A federal grand jury charged an Air Force sergeant with murder and attempted murder after allegedly murdering a federal security agent in Northern California and injuring his partner during protests against police brutality, a judge said Monday .

Magistrate judge Laurel Beeler told Steven Carrillo, 32, that the grand jury charged him with first-degree murder of a person assisting an officer or employee of the United States and attempted murder of a person who is an officer or employee of the United States Assists US, reported the San Francisco Chronicle.

Carrillo is charged with spraying bullets into a guard’s cabin on May 29 for a federal in Oakland, killing 53-year-old David Patrick Underwood and injuring another officer.

Carrillo made no plea on Monday. His case continued until Thursday when he is expected to be appointed as a lawyer to represent him.

A week after the Oakland shooting, Carrillo had reportedly ambushed the deputies of the Santa Cruz County sheriff who responded to a report of a van carrying firearms and bomb-making supplies. Sgt. Damon Gutzwiller, 38, was killed and several other law enforcement officers were injured, according to authorities and judicial records.

Santa Cruz prosecutors accused Carrillo of a variety of crimes, including murder and attempted murder in connection with the Ben Lomond incident.

Federal prosecutors have linked Carrillo with the allegations to an extremist, anti-government group called the Boogaloo movement.

The group started in the alt-legal culture on the internet with the conviction that according to experts a civil war is on the way. The followers of the movement, some of whom call themselves “Boogaloo Bois”, are generally younger and more likely to commit acts of violence than members of other militia-type groups.

Authorities accused Carrillo of killing Underwood from a white van after developing a plot with Robert Alvin Justus Jr., of Millbrae. The pair reportedly drove to Oakland, taking advantage of the distraction offered by protesters marching through the city center in a demonstration against police brutality. Justus is accused of driving the van.

Justus was brought up on Friday and filed a guilty plea.

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