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Ago Wheel of Fortune participant wins a Latitude Margaritaville house in a bonus round

Wheel of Fortune and Latitude Margaritaville teamed up to provide participants and viewers with a new home for the week of April 26-30

By: Tina Win land

Paula Robertson & Associates On Tuesday, April 27, Laura Trammell of Mission Viejo,California,

became the first person to ever win a brand new home on Wheel of Fortune. In an extension of their long-standing relationship, America’s Game has partnered with Minto Communities and Margaritaville to add a home envelope to the bonus wheel, allowing all entrants to join the “Home Sweet Home” week of April 26-30. appear, get the chance to buy a new home worth $ 375,000 in Latitude Margaritaville, an active adult community of 55 and better.

“It really was a surprise,” Trammel said when asked when she first learned that she would be eligible to win a home on the show. “I couldn’t believe it when I heard it.”

Trammell is married and has four children. In her conversation with Pat Sajak, she said she is a sixth grade teacher who recently learned American Sign Language and who now teaches her students.

She was inspired to learn by members of her family and a former student who is deaf. “I am incredibly excited and I am so grateful for this opportunity,” said Trammell.

“It is awesome.” The first person she planned to tell about the victory was her husband, Dave. Immediately after recording, Trammell called him to share the news.

“Oh my God,” he replied.“Wow! You went on Wheel and you won a house? The couple plan to visit a number of Latitude Margaritaville communities in May to solidify their plans.

In total, Trammell won $ 398,690 in cash and prizes, including a trip to Margaritaville Vacation Club St. Thomas.

In conjunction with the week of the shows, viewers will once again have the opportunity to win their own new home with the “Home Sweet Home Giveaway”. To enter, viewers simply need to tune in to Wheel of Fortune from April 26-30, learn about the bonus round puzzle solution and enter it atfor an entry. Winners are randomly selected.