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AFTV caught celebrating Christian Pulisic’s injury in the FA Cup final

Chelsea’s Christian Pulisic had to leave the FA Cup final against Arsenal after a clear hamstring injury.

Earlier, Pulisic made history by scoring for Chelsea, giving them their only goal in the match to the point of his injury. But early in the second half of the game, Pulisic was injured and forced to leave after attempting a second goal.

He was replaced by Pedro Rodriguez.

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Shortly after his injury, fans noticed that some people on AFTV were caught celebrating Pulisic going down.

Many fans were critical of AFTV’s behavior as they did.

AFTV is short for ArsenalFanTV and allows fans of the team to react live to the games.

This is not the first time the platform has been criticized.

From TalkSport:

Many within football, including Gunner’s right back Hector Bellerin and Gary Neville, have argued with the platform over its content, which often includes angry rants and violence among supporters.

Indeed, talkSPORT’s own Simon Jordan once spoke to Lyle live on air after labeling AFTV ‘drivel’ claiming ‘it thrives on toxicity, it’s a commercial venture and the man [Lyle] makes a fortune. ‘

AFTV was in the news recently in response to racist comments from a fan on the platform. Arsenal released a statement on the matter, completely distancing themselves by saying, “The platform in question has no official association with Arsenal.”

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