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Afghanistan Resistance Leader: Biden’s crisis has sacrificed US dignity. Grounded Americans Welcome to Punisher Valley

Afghanistan resistance leader Amrula Saleh (former vice president of Afghanistan) joins Hannity on Friday to restore US leadership and control until President Ashraf Ghani fled to the United Arab Emirates and the Taliban took power. called. He called on American citizens, who may have been detained because of President Biden’s August 31 withdrawal deadline, to seek refuge in his new “capital.”

Saleh said he and his supporters were building anti-Taliban resistance in the Panjshir Valley near the Hindu Kush Mountains in northeast Afghanistan. He told host Sean Hannity that the US government made decisions mainly based on politics, leading to the crisis in his country.

Saleh said the West should not assume that the Taliban and Al-Qaeda are contradictory entities, or that the Taliban should be trusted by the United States. He claimed that the Taliban and their current Kabul leaders were all from Pakistan and urged Biden to hold the Islamabad government responsible for any casualties caused by the Taliban.

He understands America’s “malaise” over the 20-year war in Afghanistan, but how much can the United States take to resolve the crisis and ensure the safety of Westerners and Afghan civilians. He added that he took care of that simple action.

“[T]These are achievable and will save the lives of Americans, and perhaps millions of Afghans: No. 1, the Pakistani Taliban, and al-Qaeda are celebrating the defeat of the United States. increase. It is imperative that the Joe Biden administration holds the Pakistani state accountable. “

“All Taliban leaders in Kabul, [Sirajuddin] Haqqani are from Pakistan. Second, it makes very clear that the Taliban will be liable, as they warned the Americans a few days ago, if the Taliban, who now control Kabul, were to be attacked again. The Taliban who want to take control of Kabul Airport must commit a suicide attack and blame ISIS. “

“Otherwise, this blunder won’t end immediately, so the Taliban have been the creators of suicide bombings in Afghanistan for the past two decades — they’re overnight, because the Taliban say, ‘It’s not us. ‘Can’t be innocent. “

Saleh called on the US government to rally other Western troops and use its ability to create an “alliance for peace” and coordinate with terrorism, and the US “looks very weak”. said.

“We want the United States to radiate confidence, hope, and power. It’s not a weakness, it does not despair, it’s not considered a walking superpower, it can’t do anything.”

Saleh also called on American or Western individuals who feared living under the Taliban to try to evacuate to the Panjshir Valley among those who resisted.

“As Americans try to evacuate to the safe haven we have created, we will welcome them with open arms, protect them, make sure they are safe, and we will try to coordinate these Americans with the United States as much as possible. We will evacuate. “

“Today’s Panjshir Valley is not just a valley, but a center and a safe place for all those who are afraid for their lives, who are afraid of the Taliban terrorists and who feel safe somewhere. It is a refuge and a capital. “

Saleh told Hannity that he knew the United States could carry out its mission without casualties or setbacks, but that Washington had no “political will” for such a difficult decision.

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“The decision to suddenly withdraw troops from Afghanistan was a political decision that hurt the sentiment of so many Americans, intelligence agencies, and strategic communities,” he said.

“I understand Washington paid billions of dollars and was tired of retraining its troops in Afghanistan. As you can see, the United States pays with dignity for its reputation and credibility. Must show will and strength and radiate hope and confidence. “”

Afghan resistance leader: Biden’s crisis has sacrificed US dignity. Grounded Americans Welcome to Panjshir Valley