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Add Some Homemade Skincare Products To Your Summer Beauty Regime

Summers are in, and all your skin and body want in this weather is freshness and refreshment. Unfortunately, this is the month where your skin has to deal with problems such as the oily face, acne, itching, tanning. The cucumber toner is the ideal remedy for your face in summers. In summers, the hot and humid weather heats the body to produce excess sebum to release sweat to keep the body cool. This sweat can cause rashes, redness, itching, and acne.

Benefits of cucumber –

  • Detoxifies and hydrates – It helps to eliminate toxic substances from the body. It acts as a natural cleanser that cleanses the face from beneath.
  • Eye bags – Cucumber is great for reducing eye bags and puffiness of the eyes. You must have noticed many times how cucumber slices are put on the eyes in beauty regimes. This is done to brighten up the eye and reduces the darkness and puffiness of the eyes.

Why do you need to use a skin toner?

The most important thing to keep the skin hydrated and refreshed is to keep it clean. After washing your face with a good face wash, take the cucumber toner and apply it evenly all over your face. Then, with the help of a cotton pad, wipe it gently all across the face. You will see that even after using face wash, there is dirt on the cotton pad. So, the toner helps in removing all the gunk out of your face. Otherwise, if you would have applied moisturizer directly after facewash, this dirt and grime would be sitting on your face all day long. Toners even out your skin and help get rid of pores and skin texture.

Tanning – 

Tanning refers to the darkening of the skin due to excessive sun exposure. It deteriorates the skin and leads to dryness and flakiness, sun damage, uneven complexion. It may also lead to critical conditions like skin cancer due to the harmful Ultraviolet rays of the sun. It may also lead to premature aging.

It is essential to avoid tan in summers. Therefore, sunscreens are a must in summers. They save you from the harmful sun rays, though sunscreens should be used in all weathers as they protect your skin from the heat of the kitchen as well as indoor heat.

You could also use a de-tan pack. Mix milk powder, honey lemon juice, and a pinch of turmeric; you are good to go. Though you are a lazy person and do not rely on home remedies, several readymade de-tan packs are available in the market. Go for the one that suits you, and you will see an instant effect in the first application. For example, you could use the pack one in a week after exfoliating your face with a gentle scrub.

So, it can be concluded that the combination of Cucumber toner and d tan pack can cure all your summer skin problems and give you a matte look throughout the summers.