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Adam Gase on Jamal Adams Trade: ‘He Didn’t Want to Be Here’

Adam Gase cited Jamal Adams’ reluctance to join the New York Jets as the main reason behind his successful trading in the Seattle Seahawks.

Adams, an All-Pro safety, was shipped to the Seahawks on Saturday, along with a draft round in the fourth round in a move that cost Seattle two first-round picks, a third-round selection and defending defender Bradley McDougald.

While the returns from the Jets were significant, they gave away their best player of the past decade, and a player who was under contract for at least the next two seasons.

But Adams’ relationship with the Jets was strained, and he took photos publicly with both Gase and general manager Joe Douglas the day before the move was announced. When Adams heard that he had been treated, Adams – who had filed a trade with the Jets this season for being frustrated for not being ahead of contract negotiations – filmed smoking a cigar.

“Every situation is different for every player. For us, we look at it the way we want guys who want to be here,” Gase told journalists during a conference call. “Apparently he didn’t want to be here anymore, so it was decided to continue.

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Adams had suggested that Gase, who led the Jets to a 7-9 record in his first year as head coach in 2019, was not “the right leader” for a franchise with a recent history of repeated woes.

Still, the Jets head coach chose not to bite back on Adams on Tuesday.

“We wish him nothing but the best,” Gase added. “He was an incredible talent that I’m lucky to be that year. The whole situation will eventually be a win-win for both parties.”

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