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Actor Jaime Garza dies at the age of 67

Actor Jaime Garza died of a heart attack in Mexico City at the age of 67, it was reported Friday May 14 by actress Rosita Pelayo, who was his wife. In an interview with Gustavo Adolfo Infante, the actress of the youth television series ‘¡Cachún, cachún, ra ra!’ reported that the main character of the telenovela ‘Simply María’ died a month and a half after undergoing surgery on his leg.

“He was very young, but, well, he was very sick, we have to admit,” said actor Luis Manuel Pelayo’s daughter. The actress added, “He had diabetes. They had surgery on him. He had just had surgery. He had leg surgery about a month and a half ago.”

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He recalled the actor complaining about the surgery: “He told me, ‘I don’t know, they scraped me.’ “I don’t know what it had to do with his veins. I think he had that problem because of his own diabetes. And his leg. He was about to lose her if they didn’t do the surgery.”

Pelayo said he had spoken to Ana Silvia Garza, Mariana Garza’s mother, and Sebastián, Ana Silvia’s other son, who confirmed the actor’s death in the morning. “I didn’t even ask what time. I’m just waiting for them to tell me where to look at him, which he says will be late in the evening, around 5pm,” he added.

Rosita Pelayo said the last time they spoke was last week and that on Thursday the 13th she planned to talk to him to see each other or “to see if he comes to the program, anyway.”

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Jaime Francisco Garza Alardín was born in Monterrey, Nuevo León, on January 28, 1954, he was the son of the journalist Ramiro Garza and the poet Carmen Alardín. He studied acting at the UNAM Theater Center and started his television career in the 1970s. Valentín Pimstein’s telenovela ‘Mi rival’ was the first in which he appeared. In that story he co-starred with Lola Beltrán, Saby Kamalich and Enrique Álvarez Félix.

The peak of his career came when he starred in the telenovela ‘Simply María’ in 1989, together with Victoria Ruffo and Manuel Zavala. From that moment on, the actor strengthened his friendship with José Eduardo Derbez’s mother.

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His career spans 26 melodramas in addition to ten films and four plays. Among the telenovelas in which he participated, ‘El volar del águila’ (1994), ‘Canción de amor’ (1992) and ‘La Usurpadora’ (1998) stand out. After a constant appearance on television, after ‘Niña de mi corazón’, the actor left television. In 2014, he had a terrible motorcycle accident in which he had to have his right leg amputated.

The actor, who was suffering from diabetes, responded to those who speculated that this had been the cause of the amputation: “ It was a motorcycle accident, that’s where the problem started with the leg, but it wasn’t exactly due to diabetes, no. They did come later. Some symptoms, but that is now under control, ”he explained to the Hoy program.

Three years after the accident, he returned to the small screen with ‘El bienamado’, his latest telenovela. That same year he took part in the movie ‘La charidad’.

Garza was the friend of actress Viridiana Alatriste Pinal, who died in a traffic accident in Mexico City on October 25, 1982. He was married twice: to Natalia Toledo and to actress Rosita Pelayo, who in 2019 assured Jaime Garza’s alcoholism was a ended his life. marriage.