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A third pillar of eternity game can happen, but the developers must be excited about it

A third entry in the Pillars Of Eternity may take place in the future, but only if the developers are excited about it.

Talk about Tumblr, series director Josh Sawyer commented on the possibility of a new entry in the series. The team and Microsoft know that Pillars Of Eternity has a lot of fans, but the developer must be excited about developing a new game.

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I don’t think the fans should convince me / Obsidian / MS of anything. Your support is always heard and appreciated. I think we have to believe that if we try to recreate a game in this style, the existing fans will enjoy it, new players will enjoy it and ex fans disappointed by Pillars 1 and / or 2 will come back. In addition, we must be enthusiastic about making it.

As of now, there isn’t much excitement about a new Pillars of Eternity game at Obsidian as the developers burned out after finishing Deadfire, also because of the very low sales.

Even developers who really enjoy working in the Pillars universe were burned out after the end of Deadfire, especially when they started working on the DLCs. To put in all that work and keep the game slack across the finish line in terms of sales, people aren’t getting excited about rolling over to a sequel.

The fact that the door isn’t completely closed for a third Pillars of Eternity game is definitely good news, even if it doesn’t look particularly bright at the moment. For now, fans of the Avowed series have been looking forward to it, a first-person role-playing game set in the Pillars of Eternity universe. The game is currently under development for PC and Xbox Series X and will be released on a yet to be confirmed date.

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