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A Russian actress and director shoot the first film in space: this is how they prepared and shot for 12 days on the International Space Station

Russia has marked a new spatial milestone. It has become the first country to send two members of a film crew, a film director and an actress, to shoot a movie in space. The filmmaker, Klim Shipenko, and the performer, Yulia Peresild, They have spent 12 days on the International Space Station to shoot scenes for the film ‘The Challenge’ and they returned to Earth in perfect condition last Sunday, as reported by Europa Press.

By completing filming smoothly, Russia has overtaken the United States in this particular space race, as the Americans plan to do a similar recording in a few months for a movie starring Tom Cruise, as we already have in Engadget.

To undertake this cosmic shoot, both Shipenko and Peresild trained for four months at the facilities of the Russian space agency, where they underwent very rigorous training, similar to what professional astronauts face, and constant medical tests.

As part of the training, have taken plane trips to simulate zero gravity for a few seconds. They have also prepared in careful detail the requirements for recording in space taking into account the limitations of the International Space Station in terms of space, movement, lighting and other technical aspects.

The protagonist of the film, in addition, was already required in the casting to be in an excellent state of form before starting with the preparation. And it is that the producer of the film established as requirements for the selection process that the women who presented themselves should be able run one kilometer in less than three and a half minutes, swim 800 meters freestyle in 20 minutes and jump off a springboard with good technique, as reported by El País. Although she was not required to have experience as an actress, Yulia Peresild, an interpreter with a long career, was finally chosen among the more than 3,000 candidates who presented themselves.

After four months of preparation, On October 5, both professionals from the big screen left for space with the astronaut Antón Shkaplerov, in charge of piloting the Soyuz MS-19 spacecraft to the International Space Station after taking off from the Baikonur space base (Kazakhstan).

Upon their return to Earth, both the director and the actress admitted that filming in space had not been easy. Peresild, in fact, pointed out that during the recording she has been at the limit of her human capacity, and that she had felt dizzy and confused. Shipenko, on the other hand, stressed that she had enjoyed the trip immensely despite the fact that it had been a real challenge to adapt her work with the camera, lighting and sound to weightlessness.

This is not the first time that filming has been attempted in space. In 1984 the Soviets already included some scenes recorded outside the Earth in the movie ‘Return from orbit’, and in 2008 the video game developer Richard Garriott made a short film of seven minutes during his flight as a tourist to the cosmos. Nevertheless, ‘The Challenge’ is the first professional feature film that will include multiple scenes with actors beyond the earth’s atmosphere.

Regarding the plot of the film, the film will tell the story of a surgeon who is forced to travel into space with little preparation to try to save the life of a sick astronaut who cannot return to Earth. Its release date is still unknown.