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A rain of drones: this is how dozens fall from the sky when a drone show fails in full performance

China is the country par excellence when it comes to performing drone shows. We’ve seen them in the thousands, creating QR codes and setting records. But, as impressive as they are, they can also fail like any other technology. In a recent show in happened and suddenly drones rained from the sky.

It has happened in the city of Zhengzhou, in China. They recently held a drone light show in the sky. One of the many extravagant performances that the Asian country has us accustomed to. However, this time things did not go as expected. Suddenly and in full action, the drones began to fail.

In different videos published on social networks, the name of a shopping center that had recently opened appears. Drones and lights formed the name of the establishment with a group choreography of around 200 drones. But at a certain point in the performance, dozens of them start to fail, turn off, and fall to the ground.

Thousands of people were watching the performance from the surface, just above their heads the drones began to rain. Of course, fortunately no injuries have been reported. As seen in the videos, many ran for shelter in covered places and covering his head with his hands.

Accident or sabotage

What has caused so many drones to fail suddenly is something that is not yet known. The organization behind the performance has not given details about it. According to a local outlet, the organization has reported the incident to the police as sabotage by a competing organization. Could have wirelessly interfered with drone coordination. Of course, there is no official confirmation of it.

That said, it wouldn’t be strange. In a performance in 2020 a similar incident also occurred in chinar. Subsequent police investigations revealed that it was a competing company that caused the incident. A total of 17 drones collided during the show.

The drone shows are without a doubt impressive. It is the perfect intersection between technology, art and marketing. However, it is not exempt from the risks that technology can suffer as far as security is concerned. Security breaches can cause someone to interfere and take control, but also bugs in the system can cause accidents. Although it does not seem like a “serious” problem, it can be if it is about drones weighing more than one kilogram and falling hundreds of meters from the air.

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