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A hypersonic missile circling the Earth: China’s silent test that has put the US Government on alert

China has been testing a hypersonic missile with nuclear capabilities last August. It has stayed close to its goal of going around the globe and, according to Financial Time sources, it has managed to surprise the US intelligence services. The missile was flying in low Earth orbit, staying at the gates of its objective for just about 40 kilometers.

The hypersonic missile is China’s great military hope for the next few years, due to its maneuverability combined with hypervelocity. The success of the test is a sample of the advances in Chinese military technology, which has the United States and Russia as its main competitors.

China amazes in its hypersonic missile test

Df 17

China completed a hypersonic missile test in August, showing space capabilities that, according to Financial Time, have managed to surprise the US intelligence service. The rocket circled the Earth in low orbit, staying approximately 40 kilometers from its target upon landing.

The hypersonic missile is capable of exceeding at least between seven and eight times the speed of sound, in addition to having a changing trajectory in mid-flight

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This Chinese hypersonic missile is called the DF-17, and its hypervelocity and maneuverability are its keys. That a missile is hypersonic means that is capable of exceeding at least seven to eight times the speed of sound. This is in addition to the fact that this type of weapon can change its trajectory in mid-flight, thus preventing it from being easy to calculate its point of interception and tracking.

According to sources familiar with the test, the results show “astonishing progress in hypersonic weapons,” showing that China is far more advanced than the US thought. The DF-17 ultrasonic missile is China’s grand plan to lead at the military level, something that adds to how close the country is to becoming a leader in technology.

Tensions between the two countries continue to rise, with the trade war affecting the rest of the world and China now accelerating in the military career.

Via | Financial times