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A device that sabotages loudspeakers, the new weapon of the neighbors against the music of the “dancing grandmothers” of China

You are in China, in one of its cities with a high population density. You come home tired after work and you want to relax, but you can’t. An army of dozens of women dance in sync in the square below your apartment, to loud music. And there are so many (100 million throughout the country) that no one dares to ask for them to stop.

It is the situation in which many Chinese neighbors are seen with the so-called “dancing grandmothers”, who have been in the habit of meeting in the squares and open spaces to dance since the 60s. Many things have been tried against them, but now technology is breaking through with a device capable of turning off speakers from 50 to 80 meters away.

Signal “snipers” turning off loudspeakers

It’s a bigger problem than it sounds: there are real confrontations between the women who dance and the neighbors who ask for tranquility around their houses. Paint, motor oil and even human excrement have been thrown from the windows of apartment buildings to scare them away, and even basketball or football matches have had to be canceled because the stadium has suffered an “invasion” by these women who occupied field.

What can be done to stop this tradition that is so old but ends up annoying so many people? Well, turn to technology. The latest cry in this kind of war is a flashlight-shaped device that, aimed at the portable speakers, you can disable them by acting as a remote control. In the South China Morning Post they show one of those devices, shared on the Weibo social network:

Device turns off speakers

There is no need to pair the device with the speakers, and it works at distances enough to turn off the speakers from a balcony. And since you can use it from your own home, you prevent the “dancing grandmothers” from seeking revenge on the street. Reviews in China’s online stores rate the ingenuity of “social justice device”, among other things.

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Some groups of women have chosen to listen to music using bluetooth headphones, motivated by these annoyances and by the fines that the police begin to impose if the volume is too high. We will see if the irruption of these speaker saboteurs causes any more changes.