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90 Day Fiance’s Karine breaks her silence after Paul claims she’s missing

90-day fiancé star Karine Martins spoke out on Instagram on Sunday, August 2, a day after her estranged husband, Paul Staehle, she and their son, Pierre, said missing.

“I want you all to know that I am doing well with Pierre now,” the 23-year-old Brazilian wrote on her Instagram stories days after she received an emergency warrant against her husband after a fight where police came to their house.

Karine Martins and Paul Staehle from ’90 Day Fiancé ‘. TLC

“There was a lot going on in recent days,” continued the reality TV star. “I had problems calling the police because I was afraid of my life and that of my son, so I asked for help and was eventually rescued from an environment that was no longer healthy for none of us involved in the situation. “

Staehle, 37, posted on his Instagram stories on Saturday, August 1 that he was “scared” and “really upset” because Martins left their home with their 16-month-old son and went missing. The TLC star claimed on social media hours ago that a neighbor called him while he was briefly in the hospital to reveal that his wife had fled their home with Pierre and jumped into a man’s car.

Staehle also shared official paperwork of a “complete restraining order” Martins had filed against him, stating that he shouldn’t be within 150 yards of his wife and son.

In the documents, she claimed that her husband raped her, prevented her from receiving contraception, and held her green card, and threatened to take their son away “if I ever leave.” She also claimed that he was “armed and dangerous”.

It is not the first time that Staehle has come into contact with the law. He was convicted of second-degree arson in 2014, which was on probation, and revealed on the show that he had violated an ex-girlfriend’s restraining order and was “locked up again.”

In her Instagram Stories post on Sunday, Martins, who married Staehle in 2017, wrote, “ I’m getting the best help I can ever get and I’m really grateful for all the people involved. I also know that all the people who care about me are concerned about the support I have had. It was a big part of my recovery. ‘

Martins left the couple’s home after a nasty fight on Thursday, July 30. Staehle told police that evening on livestreaming on Instagram that the fight started after seeing his wife talking to a Brazilian lawyer about child support and divorce.

In her post on Sunday, Martins announced that her marriage to Staehle is over and wrote, “Relationships are difficult and sometimes it just can’t be resolved. I need this time to sort out my thoughts, work on myself, and take care of my son after everything we’ve been through the past year and a half. ”

“I would also like to say that I don’t miss,” she continued. “The police know where to find me when they need me.”

She also clarified that she has not started a GoFundMe fundraiser and asked fans to ‘keep your prayers to me and Pierre’.

The couple appeared in season 1 of 90 days fiancé: before the 90 days both in 2017 and 90-day fiancé: the other way in 2019. In November Us weekly reported that the couple had split up, with Martins telling U.S that she was “looking for a lawyer”.

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