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9 Codes Of Conduct For Using Metal Detector

Metal detecting is a tough job because it involves a lot of steps, rules, and regulations. Many individuals think that metal detecting as a hobby is easy and fun, but it also includes following certain methods before using metal detecting products and accessories.

Follow Codes Of Conduct Three Times

If you are conducting a hunt on your own or having a team; it should be taken into consideration that the codes of conduct for using metal detectors have to be followed three times during the whole hunt.

  1. The hunters have to know everything related to hunting before the start of the exploration. Thorough research has to be done on the area where the search will take place. Mentally preparing yourself for the objects you might find.
  2. Hunters make a mistake that they forget about the codes of conduct and continue their mission with metal detecting products and accessories. This seems harmless at the time; but in the end, creates many issues.
  3. When the hunt is finished; the treasure hunters leave the area as it is and just leave. This is strictly prohibited as completing the hunt properly is vital. Reporting everything to the authorities is vital.

9 Codes Of Conduct For Using Metal Detecting Accessories

It doesn’t matter whether you are using metal detectors as a hobby or pursuing a proper business; you have to follow the appropriate codes of conduct. These rules will make your task legal.

Respecting Everyone’s Privacy

If you are sure that a location is hiding something unique or historical; but the owners are not willing to let you investigate the area. If this is the situation then you have to respect their wishes and privacy.

Have Proper Permission

Many times people are hesitant because they think that the hunters don’t have the equipment as well as the permission. So make sure you have the right equipment from stores like Teknetics Direct and the written permission.

Observe The Rules And Regulations

Every state and even city within that state has certain rules and regulations. The hunters have to know them first and then make sure that they are followed strictly by all.

Always Helping Law Enforcers

If the law enforcement agencies come to inspect the area and your work; then cooperating with them will make your work easier. If you confront them in any way then they can find or even arrest you.

Filling Up Holes And Avoiding Damages

When you are finding things with the help of metal detectors; you will need to dig up holes to take out the items under the ground. After finding the items; the team of hunters has to fill up the holes and also try to avoid any kind of damage.

Clear-Up All The Rubbish

If the structure of the property is damaged by the digging; then clearing up the rubbish from the area is essential.

No Going Into Restricted Areas

Some areas are restricted even you have permission for the rest of the area. So you should never try to trespass in that area.

Get Help From Professional Experts

When you find something after the hunt; the best thing that you can do is hire professional help from experts to make sure that the items found are genuine.

Remained Informed About Metal Detecting Techniques

You must know about the techniques as well as metal detecting products and accessories. If you are using the latest equipment then knowing about them will make your hunt smooth and easier.