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8 Fashion Items a Gentleman Must Have in His Wardrobe

What is a gentleman? 

According to Gentleman Gazette, “A gentleman is courteous, polite and respectful.”

While this picture is apt, there is still an active part left out from the image.

Part of being a gentleman involves transforming your wardrobe.

While there are many ways of becoming a gentleman, nothing beats dressing up like one.

After all, your dressing sense determines who you are as a person. And what better way can you choose to show the world that you are a gentleman than dressing up as a gentleman?

However, let us clear one thing. Dressing up like a Gentleman doesn’t always mean formals and Blazers!

We have put together a list of items that every gentleman must have in his wardrobe! Note that these items are chosen from recommendations of fashionistas, so we know that we’re handing the best possible advice out there!

1.    Suits and Slacks that Fit you The Best!

Whether it be a three-buttoned suit or a buttonless one, every man must have at least one suit in their wardrobe necessarily!

Think of a formal suit as every gentleman’s suit of armour. Regardless of what the occasion is, the suit is the perfect choice for gentlemen. So whether it be a wedding, fancy dinner, or any formal events, just put on your suit, and you are good to go!

Alongside suits, it is essential to have slacks too. Slacks are necessary alongside a suit. Make sure that you have a pair of slacks that go well with your Coat.

2.    A Necktie That Comes with a Solid Color!

While suits are essential, they are incomplete without some things.

We all know that tie is one of the most important things to have to complete your ensemble. While suits are an integral part of adopting the gentleman look, having a well-suited tie can tie the whole style together!

Ties allow you to boast the gentleman’s look. Moreover, they are a necessity if you want to make yourself appear more elegant and charming.

We would suggest having at least two different ties in your wardrobe but the more, the better when it comes to neckties!

3.    Leather jackets

Well, only wearing suits is not the only thing that there is to be a gentleman.

With that being said, we thought now would be a good time to break the chain and put something new on the list!

Men’s leather jackets must be a necessary part of one’s wardrobe.

Wearing leather jackets can help you attain a look that proves that you are tough and machismo.

Not only that, but leather jackets are also full of style too. If you want to get a relaxed look on a casual sunny day, then leather jackets are a must!

4.    Having a Sports Jacket or A Blazer

While suits are a must in a formal event, you can’t just wear them everywhere!

And if you can’t get enough of suits, then a sports jacket or a blazer is a perfect alternative!

Sports jackets are perfect for casual wear. Moreover, we adore them as they make you appear more fit by bringing out your physique. In addition, wearing a jacket can make parts of your body like hands, shoulders, and chest appear solid and prominent!

With that being said, we suggest that you get at least one Blazer or Sports Jacket for your wardrobe.

5.    Some Dress Shirts are a Must

While suits and blazers are necessary, Shirts are a prerequisite for your ensemble.

Shirts are the perfect option when you want to keep your look simple and sleek. A buttoned shirt can be worn on almost every occasion.

While there are many different colours of shirts available, we suggest that you go with the shirts that feature a shade of either blue or whites.

However, to make sure that your shirt is compatible with most outfits, try getting a shirt that comes with a business collar.

6.    Casual shirts 

Like the regular shirts you buy with collars, we also suggest you get casual shits. This is because a man wearing casual shirts looks relatively simple yet attractive as well.

The magic is in the outfit, after all. Casual shirts are designed in a way that makes anyone wearing them look striking yet relaxed. Although these shirts are relatively simple, they still have their own position when it comes to fashion trends.

There are different types of casual shirts that you can commonly buy, including Polo Shirts or Oxford Shirts.

We suggest you get atleast three casual shirts that boast a neutral colour as they go well with almost all occasions. This makes the compatibility of the shirt with jackets and trousers much higher.

7.    Well-Fitted Jeans

As we have already mentioned above, suits and formal dresses are not the only things that there is to a gentleman’s wardrobe.

A gentleman’s wardrobe goes a lot beyond that. Plus, you cannot just wear your suit everywhere, right?

With that being said, it’s a good idea to pair yourself with At least one denim jeans at least! Make sure that the jeans of your choice is dark-coloured.

As far as the fitting is concerned, the jeans don’t need to be saggy or baggy at all.

8.    A Watch That Goes with Your Dress

You would be surprised to know that 46% of all men wear watches. (Source: Rigionline)

While not all of them may be gentlemen, a gentleman needs to have at least one dress watch!

Now, make no mistake about it, the functionality of a dress watch is not only limited to tell you the time. It goes well beyond that, and that includes classing you up!

When you wear a watch, you also show class. Moreover, you also give the idea that you’re responsible. After all, watches were made to keep track of time.

Wearing a watch gives a unique touch to your personality, and high-end watches depict class and give an excellent first impression.

Wrapping Up

We would like to conclude our list on a note that merely dressing up as a gentleman does not make you a gentleman, but your habits do. While the personality of a person says a lot about them, a dress speaks volumes too!

We have tried our best to make this list as comprehensive for you as possible, but please let us know in the comments section if you think that we have missed something.