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7 Things You Shouldn’t Do To Your Heating and Air Conditioning

In Atlanta, heating and air conditioning are one of the biggest investments you’ll make in your house. This is why you should get your money’s worth out of this. To do so, you need to properly care for them. To help you assist with that, we’ve shortlisted seven things that you should never do with your HVAC system. It includes:

#1 Don’t Make Repeated Thermostat Adjustment

The constant changing of the thermostat temperature increases the unit’s workload, leading to premature failure of main components and expensive repair. Instead, you should ensure to install better quality insulation and seal the leaks to get more energy-efficient and comfortable results. Furthermore, you can also get programmed thermostats to make daily adjustments to the temperature.

#2 Ignoring Warning Lights

Most of the furnaces you get will have an indicating light that shows normal operation. And, some of the latest models have a digital diagnostic display with a similar purpose. If any of the warning lights go off in the unit, it’s time to call HVAC contractors in Marietta, GA.

#3 Neglecting the Maintenance

The annual maintenance by professionals like No Excuses Heating and Air is essential for the reliable and efficiently running HVAC system. If you neglect these annual services, the AC unit can lose 5% of the cooling capacity after each season. In addition to restoring cooling capacity, the annual maintenance also allows the technician to catch and eradicate minor problems. It saves you from the expensive repairs later on.

#4 Forgetting To Check Refrigerant Levels

One of the main reasons for undependable cooling is the low refrigerant pressure. It can also decrease the efficiency or can end up costing you expensive repairs. So make sure never to miss out on the scheduled services by HVAC companies in Atlanta.

#5 Not Changing the Air Filter

This should be the number 1 on the list of every homeowner if they want an efficient outcome from their HVAC systems. A clean and fresh filter keeps the working of the system smooth and fuel-efficient. Based on the recommendations by experts, you should change the filters every 30 or 60 days during the season.

#6 Allowing Unqualified Person Work On the System

Invest some time to find reliable heating and air contractors. Check for reviews and insurance information to make the right decision. As your HVAC system is expensive, you don’t want an inexperienced person working on it.

#7 Rarely Cleaning the System

As the system ages, you need to make sure to clean it regularly. This ultimately helps your system to work and run efficiently. Also, it will help to bring down your energy bills as well. A good cleaning is crucial, especially for the furnace in the winters, as the soot often builds upon it that needs to be regularly cleaned.

Maintain the Heating and Air Conditioning Systems in Atlanta

It is essential to keep the above factors in mind, as you don’t want your expensive HVAC system to wear out way before it is supposed to happen. To learn more things you shouldn’t do with your HVAC system, contact an expert right away.

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