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7 desserts to celebrate your roommate’s birthday in a hostel!

College days are the best part of our life, those are the days of freedom, fun and friendship. If you are enjoying your college life while living in a hostel or PG then you must know how important roommates are. After all, they are our company in a strange City, our roommates become the families that see us going and growing through the worst and the best things in our life.

It is our roommates who comfort us during the tough times and who add to our happiness during our happy moments. If you live with a roommate and are looking forward to celebrating their birthday in the hostel then you shall do it with something sweet.

You can order cake online or cake delivery in chennai for your dear roommate and have a memorable birthday celebration in your room itself or you can take a note of these 7 desserts that will make your roommate’s birthday celebration even more delightful!

Britannia cakes

If you forgot about your roommate’s birthday or you are not able to plan something Grand for the Midnight birthday celebration of your roommate’s birthday in a hostel then you can go ahead with bringing something out of the secret stash and wish your roommate with Britannia cake that is common to find in the school bag of every third kid. After all, they are so tasty and fulfilling.


Instead of buying cakes for the birthday celebration of your roommate, you can get cupcakes for her or him and wish them well. You can also get customised cupcakes designs at your convenience. Cupcakes are a sweet substitute to cakes that taste exactly like cake and there are fewer chances of cupcakes being wasted because they are simply enough for your celebration.


Whether it is your first semester in college or your last semester together with your roommate, you can always show your love to them by getting a personalised cake for your roommate. You may get a photo cake online for your roommate that has a photo of you and them together. It will surely make them feel delighted and overwhelmed and this would be one of the best birthday surprises that they would receive.

Sooji ka halwa

Not everyone but people who live away from their home can realise the importance of home-cooked food. So instead of getting something from the market, you can ask any of your friends who live at their home to bring Suji ka halwa for your roommate so that they may taste something home-cooked and relish the taste of homemade food on their birthday.


If you are allowed to keep induction in your room then you can try your hands at cooking something for your roommate in order to surprise her for him on their birthday. The best would be to try cooking kheer along with some dry fruits in order to make it extra tasty and delightful. You can ask your mom to guide you for cooking kheer or follow a nice YouTube tutorial video and cook the kheer step by step.

Ice cream

How can one ever forget the ice cream when talking about deserts. If you have no time to get a cake or if you are not in the mood of getting a cake for your roommate’s birthday celebration then you can have a chill birthday celebration by getting some ice creams or a tub of ice cream for celebrating the Midnight birthday celebration. Apart from this, you can also get some chocolate syrup or strawberry syrup and some fruits so that you can have a tasty combination of ice cream fruits and chocolate syrup.


Doughnuts are so tempting that they would easily grab anybody’s attention towards them. If you are thinking of wishing Happy Birthday to your roommate in a different style then you shall wish them along with some doughnuts and other gifts that you are willing to purchase for them. They will surely be glad to look at your innovative idea of surprising them with a tasty doughnut or with Cake Delivery In Delhi.

Get the best dessert for your best friend and have a happy birthday celebration in your hostel room along with your hostel mates.