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53 free online courses to take in autumn, 2021 edition

It seems, at least in some countries, that we are finally beginning to have a post-pandemic life in which we recover the life we ​​were used to in 2019. But although we are taking advantage of not being at home so much, the studies are still the same as important as always.

That’s why it never hurts to review the free online courses available on the net, to take advantage of the time and learn something new (or specialize in what we have already studied). We are going to see a list of those courses for all of you who want to make the most of your time.

IT and Office


Programming and development




Art and history


Economy and Finance


  • Personal finance. The first thing to master is our own accounts, and this course at the Universidad Javeriana can help you out.
  • Technological entrepreneurship. Are you considering creating a technology company? This course at the Carlos III University of Madrid can help you.
  • Introduction to stock investment. If you want to enter this world, it is best to have a good knowledge base that is not “contaminated” by what they usually exclaim on social networks. This course at the Polytechnic University of Valencia may be useful to you.
  • Financial information and its analysis. To invest it is necessary to know how to analyze a company and its finances. Tecnológico de Monterrey gives you a hand with this free course.
  • Fundamentals of Blockchain Technology. It is not worth having cryptocurrencies and using them to invest if you do not understand what their technology is based on. The Javeriana University has this course for you to learn the basics of blockchains.

Science and math


  • Virtual astronomy: this course at the National University of Córdoba does not require prior knowledge and asks you to learn the secrets of the cosmos. Very interesting for the curious.
  • FlashDiet: Learn to eat healthy. Eating well is based on the science of nutrition, so this course at the Polytechnic University of Valencia helps you to be a healthier person through what you eat.
  • Mathematical Bases: Algebra. A good course of the Politècnica de València for those who need an algebra reinforcement at the institute or at the university.
  • Introduction to Mathematics for Finance and Business. Being an entrepreneur does not save you from needing mathematical knowledge. Here is a course from Tecnológico de Monterrey that can help you.

Humanities and communication

Pedestrian crossing
Pedestrian crossing

Personal improvement and others


  • Well-being for personal and professional development. Anáhuac university network course to learn to maintain a balance between work and personal time, achieving personal development on both fronts.
  • How to learn online. To be able to study all these courses that we show you, nothing better than this course in which they teach how to study with online materials, abandoning face-to-face and paper. It is brought to you by the edX portal itself.
  • Development project management. Course of the Inter-American Development Bank with which to learn the management of social projects in Latin America.
  • Introduction to emotional intelligence. Knowing how to manage your emotions is something more complicated than it seems. You can learn to control them with the help of this course from the Anahuac university network.
  • Introduction to Emotional Regulation based on Mindfulness. Another course to learn to manage our mind and learn to live in the present, from the Autonomous University of Madrid.
  • Psychological First Aid (PAP). After a tragedy, in addition to the body, the mind must also be cured. This course of the Autonomous University of Barcelona is intended for those who seek to help overcome a trauma or serious episodes of stress and / or anxiety.

Free online courses in English

Union Jack
Union Jack

  • Machine Learning. Stanford University has this course with which you will learn the basic notions of Machine Learning.
  • The Science of Well-Being. At Yale, they have this course that teaches us to better control our emotions and enjoy everyday life more.
  • Financial markets. Also at Yale they offer this online course for everyone who wants to be an economist.
  • First Step Korean. Do you work in a South Korean company? Yonsei University helps you with your language.
  • Stanford Introduction to Food and Health. If you want a solid understanding of healthy nutrition, Stanford University can help you with this course.
  • Introduction to Psychology. This Yale course can help you a lot if you intend to start a degree in psychology at a university.
  • Global Energy and Climate Policy. The University of London offers you this course to tackle the greatest challenge that humanity has before it.
  • Cryptography I. If computer security is your thing, you have this course from Stanford University with which you can learn the basic notions to protect information and hide it from the eyes of others.

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