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5 Symptons You’re Having A Girl

The moment the news of your pregnancy is out, people start speculating the gender of the child. You will hear everything from grandma’s tales to old wives stores to myths. But not all theories are based on fact. What are some common symptoms of baby girl? Let’s look into it.

1 .Extreme Mood Swings Mean you’re carrying a Baby Girl 

Theory has it that Extreme mood swings mean that you’re carrying a girl because the production of estrogen is ore in girls and this causes mood swings. However the fact is that during pregnancy the hormone level keeps fluctuating, especially estrogen and progesterone levels which are responsible for causing severe mood swings. Also, you cannot really be sure of the mood swings to be an indicator of having a girl child as mood swings are just a normal part of pregnancy.

2 .Carrying High Means you’re having a Girl 

It is said that when the most protruding part your pregnant belly is high on the abdomen it means you’re having a girl. However, it is to be noted that where you carry your baby on the body depends on the type of your body and muscle elasticity than the processes taking place in your womb. Usually, a woman carries high when it’s her first pregnancy or if she has a physically fit body. In successive pregnancies a woman may carry a little lower on the abdomen as the muscles become a little stretched out after the first pregnancy. 

3 .being stressed during the conception time means You’ll Have a Girl 

The Theory has it that Stress hormones in your body help you conceive a female child. A study suggested that there may be a connection between the pregnant woman’s brain—where stress hormones are produced—and the gender of the baby. However, the science of stress, reproduction and gender is intriguing and in its nascent stage. A lot has to be proved before we start stressing out potential moms who wish to have a baby girl. Consistently high stress levels have an adverse effect both on the expectant mother and the child. So, don’t stress and wait for further studies before believing this pregnancy symptom of having a girl. 

4 .Having a Sweet Tooth means itsa Baby Girl

It is believed that if you have a sweet tooth you are carrying a girl child as girls are sugary and sweet! However, the fact is that most pregnant women crave for sweets that salted food. In fact many pregnant women suffer from gestational diabetes in the first and second trimester which causes intense sugar cravings. So please note that your sugar cravings may be as a result of hormonal changes and many other reasons. So the amount of chocolates that you consume is not an indicator of you carrying a baby girl in the womb.

5 .A Breech Baby is a Girl Baby 

Some say that if you have crossed your 32nd week of pregnancy and the baby’s head is up in the womb, it’s a girl. However no study has proved this theory to have a scientific backing.

So here we go with our top five baby girl symptoms.