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4 different methods to solve Rubik’s cube


A Rubik’s cube is one of the most exciting toys present out there. It is not only mind-bending but also very fun to play with. Everyone, whether an adult, a child, or an adolescent, can engage with this twisty puzzle. 


Excitingly, a Rubik’s cube has many variations. Each variation is a levelled-up version of the previous one. There is mastermorphix, ghost cube, gear cube, snake cube, and many others. Each kind of variation has its own unique feature and own way of solving it. Moreover, there are certainly easier versions of Rubik’s cube as well. All in all, with the extreme success of a Rubik’s cube, it started gathering both high level and low-level variations.


A Rubik’s cube has several benefits and exclusive features. So, before delving into the methods of solving a Rubik’s cube let’s look at its unique features and benefits.


A Rubik’s cube was invented by Erno Rubik, an architecture professor. The purpose behind the invention of this cool puzzle was not to invent a plaything for children but to explain to the students more about multi-dimensional figures. So, it could be said that the idea of Rubik’s cube was mostly educational rather than fun or interesting. But, who knew that studying could be fun too, right?


A Rubik’s Cube has several benefits both physically and mentally. A Rubik’s cube can improve an individual’s cognitive abilities and also help in improving critical skills and problem-solving skills as well. Moreover, it also helps in improving the dexterity and agility of fingers. 


Apart from the many benefits such as listed above, a Rubik’s cube is also great at eradicating minor addictions such as biting nails and many others, moreover, it has been proficient in decreasing minor anxiety in individuals as well. 


Now coming to its formation, a Rubik’s cube has six different colours that are to be aligned in a manner that one colour covers a singular face. Thus, the whole premise or aim of solving a Rubik’s cube is to align it in such a manner that one colour resides wholly on one face. The sides of it could be rotated and twisted while solving. 


Now that we have learned about the benefits and the physical features of the Rubik’s cube, let’s delve into the different ways through which you could solve this magnificent twisty puzzle.


  • Fridrich method


One of the most popular methods for speedcubers and even for beginners. This method is mostly referred to as simple to learn but harder to get good at. Moreover, it is said that no one has the efficiency and the time to devise a better method than the Fridrich method. Although there are some different methods out there as well, this one method surpasses every other. The major reason behind its great popularity is the logic behind every step of this method. The method goes in a way that first, the first two layers are solved, and then the last layer is tackled through devising different algorithms. 


  • Roux method


It is one of the largest competitors of the Fridrich method and ranks second when it comes to ranking different methods to solve a Rubik’s cube. The only problem with the Roux method is the amount of algorithmic thinking that is required in every step. Every step in the method has to be done with proper strategic planning unlike in the Fridrich method. Moreover, Roux is not well-structured for a beginner. One can only understand the Roux method if one starts at an intermediate or an advanced level.


  • Metha Method


Developed by Yash Mehta but was adopted by Matthew Hinton. There are several versions of this method. This method is neither highly advanced nor completely easy. Thus, it is definitely worth understanding and giving it a try. 


  • ZZ Method


This method is developed to shorten the step count and develop finger tricks. Thus this method is appropriate for speedcubers who have gotten themselves familiar with the art of speedcubing. It is a very tricky method with several algorithms and steps involved in it and is only advised for people who are experienced in the art of cubing. 


These methods are developed with a lot of time and energy and are very efficient in solving a cube. So, you can definitely try them all and go ahead with the one which suits you the most. 


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