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4 best RO under 15000 who’s available in the market: Buyers Read It 

Water purifiers are a useful house tool that takes care of purifying water and making it fit for drinking externally any importance. Spending too much on anything hits our availability badly but we also cannot persevere without drinking water and yes, this very life source can be the reason for different problems and diseases, if we do not take adequate care before applying it. Hence, investing in the right water purifier is necessary.

If we buy a water purifier that sustains our family’s health & wellness then without a doubt it’s earning a penny. Right?

That’s why in this post we’ve listed you the most maximum use out of the best water-purifiers that once established in your home will sustain longer along with providing clean, pollutant-free & tasty water.

The best RO under 15000, 20000 so it’s not too many goods that if you spend will frustrate you later. The purifiers of this range are decent to fall under this range. The reports from the users also seem satisfied with this range of purifiers. So, it’s a win-win to hold a purifier of this range.




purification included with the best RO technology followed by UF for ultra-safety and purity. At this price, it is one of the most technologically proficient water disinfection systems open in India. It facilitates wall-hung or tabletop lighting and is provided with RO + UF + TDES controller with pH Scales Technology™

Its high-quality sand and carbon filters extract elements and physical impurities while bacteria and germs are assassinated by UF and hardness by RO membrane. The quality of drinking water is controlled by TDES and pH Balance Technology which makes the pure water sweet, tasty, and fresh.

Vivid Star Coral-I is embellished with Silver Coated Filters that guarantee Zero Bacteria and an Intelligent Chip that senses any difficulty in the purifier and holds it so no impure water can come into your need as well.

Kent Grand Plus


provides amazing features, great functionality, and excellent services to assure that you and your family ever have safe drinking water. Along with an artistic wall-mountable treatment with a clear cover, it offers powerful repeated cleaning by RO + UV + UF with TDS controller thus eliminates adjourned contaminants such as chemicals and salts while retaining essential minerals thereby providing 100% potable & tasty drinking water. Kent Grand+ suits fairly for water from all problems such as bore-wells, tanks & tap water up to 750 TDS with the equal support cost around.

It comes with a built-in TDS controller which is always maintained by the experts when you have a water purifier like RO. Because it holds primary metals such as calcium, magnesium & other hard metals.

Furthermore, it comes with an 8-liter room tank, an on-off automatic maintenance feature, and a filter change notification. This filter is wall-mounted and is best adapted for Indian homes and is suitable to purify tap/city water. This Kent water filter will take care of your drinking water requirements in a various hassle-free manner.


Kent Pristine


design, which is suitable for wall mounting or counter-top base & its treatment gives the purifier visually appealing. Kent Pristine the best RO water purifier and this is incorporated with features like powerful double purification by RO + UV + UF with TDS controller thus reduces suspended impurities such as chemicals and salts while maintaining primary metals thereby giving 100% safe & tasty drinking water.

Kent Pristine helps you to withdraw its 8 Litres Detachable tank & clean it manually whenever required. Along with it is equipped with modifications such as Filters & UV Fail Alarm, Powerful 11W UV Lamp, Fully Automatic Control & Food Grade ABS Plastic Construction. Its push-fit components protect against leakages.

built to provide safe drinking water blank where you live and can purify all of the water conditions such as tanks, borewells, and tap water up to 750 TDS. It’s a great choice on the healthy side & it’s fully authorized to its price area where it falls.


Vivid Star Swift


purification including the best of RO followed by UV & UF for ultra-safety and monotony. It is one of the best-selling & most technologically effective water purification operations given by the brand. An outstanding build quality Water to have in this range is a wall-mounted storage type water purifier that does RO, UV, and UF technology for giving reliable and safe drinking water daily.

Its High-quality powder and duplicate filters remove toxic chemicals and physical contaminants while bacteria and microorganisms are removed by UF and hardness by RO film. The quality of drinking water is controlled by pH Balance Technology TM which makes the pure water sweet, tasty, and compact. Also, the water goes into the six-stage purification device to deliver the simplest form of water.

Vivid Star’s pH Balance Technology TM resolves the shortcomings of other water purifiers and keeps all the necessary minerals in water that are necessary for the human body and also permits the user to adjust the pH Value of purified water to 7.4, which should be the pH of basic pure water according to many students and specialists that develops the adequate protection and anti-oxidant of the human body.

Adorned with the features such as RO + UV + UF + TDES controller with pH Balance Technology™, hence Vivid Star Swift gives 100% safe, tasty, normal drinking water under the common man’s budget. It works on all purposes of water such as bore-wells, tube-well, tanks & tap water & is also demands low at support