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Dodgers Clayton Kershaw is forced to leave Giants game with low back pain before the fifth inning

Dodgers trump card Clayton Kershaw has to leave the Giants game with lower back pain after throwing some warm-up pitches before the start of the fifth inning… leaving the NL West leaders sweating from his condition

  • Clayton Kershaw withdrew from game before the start of fifth inning with injury
  • Kershaw seemed to tell the trainer the problem was his back before he left
  • Kershaw has a history of missing time with back injuries dating back to 2014

Los Angeles Dodgers-pitcher Clayton Kershaw left Thursday-afternoon’s game against the San Francisco Giants with an obvious injury.

Kershaw left the game for the fifth inning after throwing several warm-up pitches before gesturing to the dugout for the trainer. NBC cameras caught Kershaw appearing to tell the trainer that “it’s my back” before leaving the field.

He gave up three hits, two runs on a homerun and four strikeouts before leaving the game.

Clayton Kershaw walks back to the dugout with coach after leaving the game with an injury

Kershaw is in the dugout showing frustration in the fifth inning after back pain

Kershaw is in the dugout showing frustration in the fifth inning after back pain

History of Kershaw’s Injuries

2014 – back infection

2016 – hernia

2017 – low back pain

2018 – discomfort in the lower back

2020 – back stiffness

The 34-year-old has a history of back problems dating back to 2014, which cost him varying amounts of time throughout his career.

The Dodgers added no additional pitching on the trade deadline and basically traded pitcher Matt White to the Toronto Blue Jays.

LA’s rotation already lacked depth and will now be sweating Kershaw’s fitness with Walker Buehler already on the injured list.

Kershaw also missed a long time last season due to several arm injuries.

So far in the season, Kershaw has been looking good as he registered a 2.66-era, 84 strikeouts and a 7-3 win-loss record on the mound.

The Dodgers were impressive this year with a 72-33 record, but will likely face competition as we approach the playoffs from a San Diego Padres team that just traded for two of the MLB’s top hitters, Juan Soto and Josh Bell.